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Ottawa returns bitter to Carlson, as the battles of sharks continue

The hockey game is known to humiliate its brightest stars – even in the days that they have to own.

After returning to Ottawa as a member of the San Jose Sharks, Eric Carlson upset the passions at both the benches and the stands of the Canadian tire center, but left the building at the end of a hat with 6-2 his former senator team.

"It was a great experience, I had a lot of fun there, although this was not a great game and I'm not happy with any means," Carlson said. "But I'm excited to move to Montreal and I hope we'll sort out this chaos."

I do not see now, but the dreaded sharks (12-10-5) fell four justice, while recovery senators improved to 12-12-3 with the third first victory. At home, Ottawa is impressive 9-4-2.

You can not do these things, Carlson has shut up, even though he shot 13 strokes to his former goalkeeper, Craig Anderson, nine of them registered as punches per target. In the meantime, Mikel Boder, one of the three former sharks in the ranks of Ottawa, easily followed, contributing to the goal and three assists. Chris Tyrrell – with help – and Dylan DeMelo are the other former sharks.

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The only feature of a boring, worthless first period was the video for Carlson, who met with ovations by a crowd of 17,531 (although not in the long greetings to Daniel Alfredson when he returned with Detroit Red Wings). Watching the mounting carefully from the shark bench was Carlson, a helmet. When it was over, he jumped over the plates, made a light turn and waved a thank you in return.

"It was a lot of fun," Carlson said. "I think I did a good job staying focused on the game. At the same time, I had to experience the good things that lasted."

Carlson thanked Senate staff for the gift. As for his former teammates, he says he will see them in January in San Jose.

Looking at the stands was Alfredo himself, a rare appearance in the arena for the man whose number 11 hangs from the skeletons.

Alfredson, who told a reporter he was not on the game for two years, encouraged Carlson to try to enjoy this return, something he did not do when he was in line. Too stressful, said Alpha.

At the ice, Carlson seemed to enjoy himself, fully engaged, throwing shots on the net from the entire end, shaking the head of a few close ones. During the second period, playing the power, initially on 5-on-3, was Carlson who drew back to Brent Barnes, who fed Pavel on the left, before winning his nose to Joe Thornton for Joe Thornton. Too bad there are no third hockey assists.

A few minutes later, Carlson brought a defensive diamond, in the race with the flatbed of the Ottawa Fleet, Ryan Jingel, Carlson swept the stick around Ginel to reach the duel that flew from the obstacle and stayed outside.

It saved 1: 1 draw halfway through the game.

The two consecutive targets for 49 seconds set the sharks in a 3-1 hole, which they could not recover. For the first time, Ben Harpur's career from 6-meter 6, and the third of Bodek's season turned head-to-head in the second part of the second period. Obviously, the sharks underestimated these two in their predecessor.

The story with a story would make Carlson to win the winner. Because these things often go, the reality meant that the more San Jose was pressed, the more they lagged behind.

Carlson wanted this game bad. Guess what? Also, the senators.

Mark Stone scored in the third buried San Jose.

"We are now fighting," said Carlson. "We will go through periods like this throughout the year, we have to do a lot of things, we are a better team than we have shown in the last four or five games here.

"We know it. And at the end of the day it's up to us in the locker to understand it and find a way to go back to be a team that we know we can be."

Anderson made several brilliant savings, including one of Thornton in the third period, which lit a circle of Andy! Andy !! chants.

Additional pain for the EK65: During the game, all Karlsson Ottawa equipment in the Senators Store was published as 50 percent. Memories.


They say you grow up quickly in hockey.

Carlson is a great example. We first saw him a little over ten years ago, on a draft night in this same arena (then called Scotiabank Place).

Here was this fresh face a Swedish child who could have spent 14 years, published by Captain Ottawa Alfredson as the 15th complete Ottawa election. With his short cut hair and a 10-pound bucket, at a 5-meter-10, he could weigh 150 pounds.

Was this the future of the franchise?

"He is (Sergei) Zubov, without cigarettes," he encouraged a European intelligence officer for Carlson.

One of the Swedish Senators' scouts, Anders Forsberg, told Carlson: "He will not fail because he will not let it fail."

Other drafts, in different circles, oversaw this child, but still had a role that none of the major prospects could manage.

"Hello, I'm Eric Carlson, the first choice," he said, poor, to all his colleagues draft selections. Here is a player born with confidence.

As he says, he came to Ottawa as a child, grew up here, cheering on the patient as he found his game in the first season, 2009-10. We watched him grow up to be the most talented defense counsel of all time. He played injured, returning earlier from the Achilles surgery, and then from the broken ankle.

In 2016-17, Ottawa saw the best of Carlson, probably the best hockey player on the planet that season, leading the Senators' winning team in the Eastern Conference finals.

Last season, with an ankle surgery that struggled with summer training, Carlson was not alone. He missed the magic of the first step and lagged far behind the narrow system of chief trainer Guy Baucher.

Ironically, the brightest player ever wearing the uniform is freshly disappeared, and now Senators turn children into a free to play entertaining hockey. Fortunately, Carlson provided enough of his time over the years.

At 28, he grows, physically, to six feet and 190 pounds. That short, sliced ​​hair is now Thor's toe. In warm-up before the game, without a bucket, Carlson leaned low, then turned his head back, his hair followed in a chrysanthemum.

Life develops in a decade with an organization. Carlson began as a tenant in Alfredson's house, often guarding the young sons of Alfie and wife Bibi. Karlson married a young man, the relationship did not last, and with his second wife, Melinda, suffered a terrible loss last March, when their son was stillborn. It became part of the alleged maltreatment of the Internet that was equally shocking.

Otava watched him grow into a superstar, and went into a difficult parting, when Carlson and senators were never on the same page to renew the deal.

Saturday, he came home and was part of an exciting game Senators fans will remember for a long time. With their joy came the sobering thought of how fast ten years could pass, in all our lives.

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