Android Q Beta 4 came out earlier today, although it does not seem that there are so many new things as with the previous beta versions, it's nice to have a notification like what God thinks and a locking button for rotation. However, this is not good news; some people report bootlegging issues when trying to update them on Q beta 4, primarily those with Pixel 2 XLs.

For the first time we noticed the problem of booting when a number of commentators in our article for publishing Q Beta 4 reported for review. All commentators seemed to use Pixel 2 XLs, although others with P2XLs could be updated without any fuss. However, we also got the top of the Pixel 3 reader that has the same problem, so this issue is not exclusive to 2 XLs.

One subscriber of the r / android_beta subkey found that the factory reset would solve things, although it obviously causes all your data to be lost. Another user said that factory reset is not necessary and it is pointing to those who are trapped in bootloops to restart, go to recovery mode and restart from there, although people seemed to have different levels of success with that method .

Short description: if you have a Pixel phone, especially 2 XL, and plan to update it on Android Q Beta 4, note that you may need to perform a factory reset.