Saturday , January 16 2021

Opposition leaders deceive lack of spending restriction, "artificial surplus" presented in the budget

The leader of the official opposition calls the provincial budget for 2019 a "failure".

Ches Crosbie pointed to the government's goal of returning to surplus by 2022 as an example. He says the increase in government spending in this budget means that we will not go back to excess until the target date.

Crosby says the government has not shown restraint with this budget and that they have transferred their chances to return to redundancy in order from 2022 due to that. By that standard, he says, this budget is a failure.

Crosby, however, said there was one thing about the budget he wanted; that it will never be adopted.

He says this budget is just smoke and mirrors for elections, so people will not ask difficult questions. He says the approach is not honest or democratic, but it gives the PC a chance to expel the liberals earlier.

The budget has an artificial surplus, says Coff

Meanwhile, NDP leader Alison Kofin says the province's budget is "very insidious".

The coin thought that with all the announcements made by the government before the budget, there would be much more for the document.

She says she moved around a lot of numbers and created "artificial surplus". It deals with the way the budget is presented.

The coffin says there are some notes in the budget, such as $ 1m for art funding, but there are many negatives. There was no gender analysis, nor "significant" diversification of the economy, nor anything about the environment or climate change.

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