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'ONLY DISCUSSION': Janet Acksexon again blows up for concert lips

Ethernet Ackexon took the stage Friday night as chief executive of Friday's RNB event in Brisbane, Australia, but before he could finish his set, Georgian fans turned up.

Video footage of the event shows Jackson jumping around and dancing on stage, but she did not sound as if she were out of breath.

As usual, fans blasted the 53-year-old girl for her infamous performance.

"When Janet Ackexon came, it was just a disaster," concertgoer Stuart Watson told the Sunday Mail. "Her sound was horrible. She would sing and all of a sudden do random things. "

While many were upset about the alleged lip sync, other fans heard about the decision.

"I can't blame them, and as far as Ethernet Ackexon is concerned, I think we need to remember that she's not a 20-something anymore and with her choreography singing would be difficult," said one comment.

The acksexon performance is the third time the singer has recently disappointed fans.

Just last week, she was accused of lip syncing when she performed on stage at RNB Friday, Live 2019 at your CBC Park in Perth, Australia.

As reported, fans were out of the scene before she finished her first song because they were dissatisfied with the lack of energy she brought to the stage.

"Please work on syncing your lips and timing much better … Definitely laughing at me! Come 40 minutes late and bring lip sync performance, "one user reported at the time. Another user claimed she couldn't sync her lips properly, while a third Twitter account gave her a dance for her, though that wasn't what they saw.

Back in June, famous singer Jackson reportedly failed to sing live during her set at the 2019 Glastonbury Music Festival in England.

Although she seemed to be singing, there were apparently no moments to come out of her microphone.

Glastonbury's performance was greeted with sarcastic tweets such as, "Ethernet Acxone Credit just got on with the old CDs and danced in front of them in front of a live audience."

At both concerts, some fans left the place of pleasure, but for the most part, statements about her lip syncing were unusual.

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