Monday , September 28 2020

OnePlus users complain about drain on battery after latest WhatsApp update


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OnePlus users complain about battery drain problems after the new WhatsApp update. (Picture of OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition and OnePlus 7T. Source: Karanveer Singh Arora / Indian Express)

The latest WhatsApp update has caused some serious battery drain problems for OnePlus smartphone users, according to Reddit, OnePlus Forums and Twitter posts. Some users have even posted reviews on the Google Play Store and complain about battery drainage. WhatsApp 2.19.308 version of the messaging app seems to be the cause of the problem, with users complaining that the app uses a lot more battery on their phones.

Twitter users posted screenshots showing notification of the OnePlus system, warning them that WhatsApp uses more batteries in the background. Users complained that in some cases they used 25 to 60 percent of their phone's battery, even though they only used the app for a few minutes.

The OnePlus Forums connection seems to have been removed for now. But based on Twitter, Reddit's comments, the problem of battery drain WhatsApp is affecting models, including the newer OnePlus 7T and 7 series and older users of OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6 and even OnePlus 3.

So far WhatsApp has confirmed whether the new update is really responsible for the problem. Some users have suggested that users bypass a lower version of WhatsApp directly from the official website. There is currently no fix or major update to version 2.19.308, which caused the problem.

On Reddit, one user wrote that he noticed higher battery consumption on their OnePlus 6 phone, which coincided with the WhatsApp update. In the post, it is also noted that the phone indicates that WhatsApp used a 1.5 hour battery "while in active use", which was not accurate as the app was only open for one minute. The user also wrote that the update from Android 9 to Android 10 seems to have resolved the problem briefly, but the issue of battery drain came back in a few days.

In response to its announcements, some users commented that they too are facing the same problem. One user wrote that their OnePlus 7T battery drained faster than usual, with WhatsApp consuming 16% of the battery, although it was used in less than five minutes. Another commented that their OnePlus 5 saw that the battery was 33% drained by WhatsApp, according to statistics.

Check out the tweet about the WhatsApp and OnePlus battery drain issue

On the Google Play Store, some of the newer reviews also highlight the problem. One reviewer said that on their OnePlus 7 (running Android 10) WhatsApp tops the list of batteries with more than 33% used battery life, and almost "always active" in the background.

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