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Olivia Moon catches the pilot who is too nervous to talk to her

The pilot got cold feet when his so-called. "Free Nail" celebrity crush Olivia Munn boarding the flight he was in charge of.

Pilot Adam J. Liston could not help his wife X-Men: Apocalypse the actress was a passenger on his flight, and when she was called to "get a picture with her," Liston missed the sign.

"Image or this does not happen [sic], "Mandy told Limon before adding:" This is your moment lacquer [sic]. "

Liston then sent a picture of herself to his wife, looking incredibly terrible, telling her she does not know what to tell the former girlfriend of the Green Bay striker, Aaron Rogers.

"Just say:" Hey, my wife is a big fan. "That way you do not look like a lasagna," said Mandi before telling her husband to "invite her to see the cockpit."

After Mandy announced the exchange of text messages with her husband in social media, Moon responded to the father of two, saying that everything she had to do was ask.

"I would take a picture, but he never asked," Manne told Manhattan. "Tell your husband that I thanked him for safe flight and happy gratitude."

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is published here with permission.

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