Sunday , May 16 2021

Noam Dar says NXT UK shows the depth of the UK's talent pool

– Noam Dar talks to The Sunday Post for a new interview on NXT UK, the WWE relationship with ICW and more. Highlights are below:

The WWE Labor Relations with ICW: "I think it's important to be able to stand out and show that these promotions like ICW exist [outside of] WWE and especially now that there are excellent working relationships there. I think it is a sign of the Second World War for gratitude to the ICWR; to allow the guys who were home to come and make appearances now and again to give him back and help. I think it is really important for the development of the company and us personally, it's really good to have these opportunities. "

The WWE using local British talent in the UK for NXT UK: "It shows how strong the depth of the UK list and the demand for it. People want to come to these big shows and pay good money to watch these guys from the UK, Scotland and who have been members of the UK for years. the list of MKV, as opposed to coming to see guys that they have seen on TV several times. "

At 205 Live: "The experience of me and some of the other cruiserweights in the WWE was very unique.We essentially went from independent to main list, then on the road, and then to our own 205 Live Show. of the knowledge you have raised. I hope that I can continue to do my best and continue further. "

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