Monday , August 2 2021

Ninja reveals how much money he made in 2018

In an interview with CNN, prior to the New Year's event, Tyler Ninja Blavins revealed how much money he made in 2018 thanks to his huge success.

The Ninja ended in 2018, his most successful year as Twitch Streamer, with the New Year's event being from Times Square in New York. Before the event, he went and spoke with many media, including Jimmy Falon, to highlight his 2018 year and talk more about his celebration by the end of the year.

Ninja also talked shortly with CNN for his 2018 year and revealed that he had reached nearly $ 10 million in 2018 thanks to the success of his Twitch and YouTube channel. This is one of the first times Ninja revealed how much it was in 2018. Earlier estimates from March suggest he earned at least $ 500,000 a month, with revenues coming from Twitch subscribers and YouTube advertising money.

CNN announced:

Ninja, literally, kills him. The 94,958 Fortune killing, which he stirred up in the last check, helped him earn what he said was close to $ 10 million this year. Blewyns and his colorful hair (neon red during this interview) became a cultural phenomenon, and his skills and personality helped Fortnite become the behemoth that it was – the one who took his company, Epic Games, to a reported $ 3 billion profit year.

Ninja set up numerous records in games in 2018 with Twitch's most watched stream for a streamer with 667,000 viewers during his Ninja Vegas Event in April, and he was one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in 2018, reaching 10 million subscribers.

The Ninja's New Year's Eve in 2018 included some of the greatest experts with him, including TimThatman, DrLupo and CourageJD. The event also featured soccer star Neymar Junior and Detroit Lion NFL players who played Fortnite live from Times Square in New York.

Both Fortune and Ninja achieved incredible success together in 2018. Epic Games reportedly earned a $ 3 billion profit this year with cosmetic sales at the Fortnite store, along with the Battle Pass model.

2019 is shaping to be even better year for Fortune and Ninja.


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