Friday , May 14 2021

Nile de Gras Tyson will be investigated for allegations of sexual abuse

Famous astrophysicist Nile de Grays Tyson will be examined by Fox and the National Geographic Network after allegations of sexual harassment were exposed against him., describing herself as a website for a "global dialogue on religion and spirituality," said on Thursday by two women who say Tyson had treated them sexually inappropriately. Tyson hosted Space the Fox in 2014 and the new edition of the series was to be broadcast on National Geographic next year.

Tyson did not comment publicly, and an e-mail request to comment on his representative was not immediately returned.

In the statement of the manufacturers of Space said: "The chord in the heart of Space is to follow the evidence wherever they lead. Manufacturers of Space can not do anything less in this situation. "

They said they would conduct a thorough investigation. Meanwhile, Fox and National Geography say that on Friday night they learned about the allegations and looked at the allegations.

In addition to numerous television appearances, Tyson is also director of Planetarium Hayden at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

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