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NHL All-Star training skills: Matt's trick wins the crowd

San Jose, California – Connor McDavid is still skaters as a girl, Austin Matthews still loves Patrick Marlowe and the city's representative still has the hardest shot.

Here you are highlighting the NHL for all the stars on Friday, which was entertaining, pioneering, and even cordial.

It's the world of McDowell; we just live in it

The haircut of all the stars of Connor McDavid was a lot to function as fashion.

"Especially if I do not wear a helmet, I do not want my hair to turn me through my face and I can not see it, do you?" Said Eileen captain before the fastest slider game.

To the surprise of exactly zero people, McDavid successfully defended his title with an explosive round of 13,378 seconds, becoming the first NHLer to win the race three times.

He threw Jack Aichael (again), who published a time of 13,582.

"It just goes as fast as I could," said McDavid. "It's all about your crossovers, finding a way to extend the speed around the circle."

There is no truth in the rumor that McDavid will donate $ 25,000 in a cash prize for Euler's salary.

Skate like a girl!

The best turn of the event had to be the addition of Kendall Coyne Schofield to the fastest slider. Team US Olympic gold medal was selected to compete against men as a replacement for Colorado Nathan MacKinnon, unable to participate after blocking the shot in the game led to all-star weekend.

As the first woman to compete in the NHL qualifying competition, Coyne Schoefield retreated in an impressive time of 14,346, defeating Clayton Keller and probably earning a rehearsal with the Kings.

"This is definitely the highest trio in my career," she says. "The crowd was electrified to hear the U-S-A songs." Everything broke out when I started, definitely giving me a bit of impulse. "The adrenaline was pumped."

Kane Scofield's speed instantly earned respect from her peers.

"When she flew, I was like," Wow, "said McDavid." I thought he could win, as it moves. It's an incredible slider, and it's an incredible job for the game, when you can see it taking part in such an event. "

Oston Matthews added: "She was flying. I was on Kels hard time because she beat him."

Drawing on the table journalists after the race, Cone Schofield had a message to pass.

"I would say especially to young girls, women, follow your dreams, believe in yourself," she said. "There's nothing you can not do. Tonight was an example of that."

The hardest hit remains in Washington

The hardest hit area this year – a typically toughest event to persuade the guys to try – took a hit when Alex Ovechkin canceled the all-star weekend. Ovie was the only competitor who managed to break a triple figure in 2018, defeating an explosion of 101.3 km / h.

We would like to see Shea Webber and Zdenay Chara transferred to the event as specialists.

"It's a nut. As soon as he and Shea Webber got their shots, [they went] in another league from someone else, "said John Carlson." It's incredible how these guys can bring it. "

Of the four who are ready to shoot (Carlson, Steven Stamkos, Brent Barnes and Seth Jones), Carlson easily won, hit both the toughest (102.8 miles per hour) and the second-toughest (100.8 mph) packs with his weapons of 100 stains.

"I just tried to record it as hard as I could," says Carlson, destroying his complex strategy.

It's so simple kids.

NHL figured out how to fix the Pack control

The new trick introduced at last year's Tampa Skill Competition, the Puck Control hurdle redirected primarily to discomfort when several competitors attempted to pull the puck through elevated windows.

This year, the judge dropped a fresh, warm hat against the obstacles of flip-and-balls. (The used cold sword is harder to manipulate.) The problem is resolved. Science again triumphs.

Practical Patrick Caine (28,611) passed through the course and won only from the final rival of the event, Johnny Gadre at 27,045. Claude Jirox finished third.

Gaudreau believes that he had little advantage of participating in the same event last year, but after hitting him again in the deck, he realized he had lost him.

"Canner is still a player I'm seeing today and I'm trying to learn and get some things from his game, so it's cool," he said.

Matthews beat the crowd, but not the exact recording

David Pasternak may have won the match for shooting accuracy, winning the five goals in sharp 11.3 seconds, but the finalist in the last place, Austin Matthews, won the San Jose fans by throwing the Maple Leafs jumper to reveal Patrick Marlo's sweater he pressed for the match.

A beautiful little oasis for the long-standing Shark and the father's figure, which had a simple text message, waiting for Matthews to get off the ice: "Thank you. It was great."

"I can not explain how big that man is and how close we are to our relationship," said Matthew. "I want to laugh from him and get him and say that he is like a second father to me." He does not like him. He is like a brother to me.

"He treats everyone so well. It does not matter who you are – a random person on a street or a teammate playing with him – he treats them so kindly."

Let's run the prime minister

Yes, wise parents tell their children that help is as good as goal.

But seeing players passing pucks in whole for two minutes can grow boring, no matter how sweet a sauce.

On last year's skills, Drew Doughty struggled hard. It might be easier for him to pass a kidney stone.

"I hate him," said Douti. "I may have to do it again this year. I only hurry about it."

(Gracefully, the counsel spoke instead of Accurate Recording.)

Leona Drysaytle of Edmonton won this challenge by completing all of her passes in an efficient 1:09.

"It was an event that was tough. It's really, really hard," said McDavid.

"Leon, I know, was nervous. I always said:" You are one of the best passers-by in the game. You could easily do it. "And it proved it tonight."

Great night for Alberta representatives, who set off three for three.

The King rules the supreme

Henrik Lundquist confirmed the king's status in the "Save the Race" game, in which the goalkeeper, who makes the most frequent secession, keeps cash.

Eight direct stops of Andrej Vasilevski were held after a round, until Lundkvist took the grid and failed to turn around a dozen archers.

"It's a bit scary when you're dealing with so many skills," admitted the King. Smiling and stylish as always, it's obvious how much a veteran is absorbed in the fifth look of all the stars.

"When you practice one hour and stay there 50, 60 breaks, then you are tired. Today, just sit there and watch and enjoy the show. It's fun."

Although Mark-André Flerie was unable to defend his crown Рthe flower stopped 14 in succession during the debut of the match last winter Рhe stole the main points.

While Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" (a request from Fleury) stirred through the speakers, Flirry's acrobatics made a great check on the old school of Miko Ranthanne and threw the divisions to make Myo Hyscanen's attempt with his thumb.

Want more hard ?! You will get more solid!

NHL is smart to have its celebrity celebrity overnight for all that's worth.

The glitter, the only mascot living in dirty areas, set its gum on the red carpet, and then surprised Sharky in the fastest jumper competition.

"He actually has a good step, Gritty," said Brent Barnes.

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