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New Year: What We Want From PUBG Mobile In 2019

With the site of PUBG Mobile Weekend Snow, Tencent is taking the battle of the royal genre for Android and iOS is constantly improving. This is thanks to the excellent design of maps, new weapons and vehicles. And while PUBG Mobile is one of our favorite games since 2018, it's not without its compromises. Surely, hands are below PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of PUBG, but we find it missing in some key areas. Here are some improvements we would like to see in PUBG Mobile this year.

Official PUBG Mobile 60fps support

One of the best things for PUBG Mobile is that it works well on different Android phones. Although in most cases it is limited to 30fps unless you use third-party applications like the GFX Tool. There are several exceptions, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which hit 60 fps in some cases of playing through fine-tuning the frame and graphics in the game. However, it would be better if Tencent had a dedicated 60 FPS overlay, providing a locked, consistent 60fps in PUBG Mobile, instead of the nebulous Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme options currently present in the settings menu. PUBG Mobile with a locked 60fps on a wider range of smartphones and tablets will provide a lighter, responsive game that makes the competitive, reflex action-driven nature of the game truly glow. Targeted 30fps targeting allows Tencent to support low and midrange devices, but with the ability of those of us to work at 60 fps, it will be a welcome addition. After all, if Fortnite can do it, why not PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Approval System
PUBG Mobile itself is a fun game that becomes exponentially better when you compete with your friends. The social nature of PUBG Mobile-based team relies well on the approval system. Popular from games like Overwatch, here's how it usually works: you can give and receive titles for your teammates at the end of the match. They include referencing their effectiveness in communication, sports or strategic skills. Players have a level of support that increases when you receive positive feedback and decreases if you do not continue to receive signatures or leave the games before they finish. Maintaining a positive level of support gives you the opportunity to purchase boxes and experience bonuses. The approval system will go a long way in preventing the PUBG Mobile community from turning toxic and rewarding players for positive behavior. Most importantly, it can be a great way to go back and play with friends.

PUBG mobile streaming tools
It's no secret to how popular PUBG Mobile livestreams are popular, though most of them are played on a computer via an emulator, although PUBG Mobile will benefit from in-built streaming and sharing options. Right now, at best, it's usual, just letting you share the screens of your victories. It would be nice for Tencent to add integration with YouTube and Twitch. Keeping streaming integration built in will allow more people to share their game moments without having to go through hoops of using a computer to emulate a game or resorting to soon dropping out of the YouTub Gaming app or third-party software such as Omlet Arcade, which are far from intuitive to use.

Improved download of PUBG Mobile Map

The download size for PUBG Mobile for Android is 1.6GB. This does not include all the cards of the game. Instead, 1.6GB download only has Erangel. What does it mean if you prefer to fight within the narrow limits of Sanhok, the Desert areas of Miramar or the snowy places of the Season, you will need to download them separately when you open the game. It would be better if the entire game, with all its content, is in the initial download, rather than downloading maps from the game menu. While they are not particularly large downloads with Miramar are 325.4MB, Sanhok 82.3MB, and Vikendi 134.2MB, the fact that they are not bundled with the base game, is anxiety. Especially when you want to jump in a match with your friends on your new or recent factory reset on a smartphone just to realize that there is additional download before you start playing.


Clear mobile currencies on PUBG Mobile
Like most free games, PUBG Mobile has a currency that you earn while playing called Battle Points (BP) and a premium currency that you can buy called Unconditional Cash (UC). You can use these to buy an assortment of cosmetic products or capture crates to give your avatar a fresh, unique look. This is not everything, there are silver fragments that you can use to buy select limited time cosmetic items and coupon bins, which, if you have enough, let them spoil the crates. However, the game does not tell you what you can spend these currencies. This makes the store a puzzling, painful experience, because it is not clearly divided along the lines of what currency can bring you what kind of equipment. I hope Tencent does this less than a chore in the coming months, because the PUBG Mobile customization feature is a great feature endangered by the pure chaos of its multiple currencies and the lack of clarity.

What do you want to see from PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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