Sunday , August 1 2021

New CAPTAIN MARVEL Promo Point and Photography with a Great Kree Character of Jude Law – GeekTyrant

Marvel Studios has released a new promotional site for Captain Marvel for fans to enjoy together with a new photo Judah law like his mysterious Kree character.

There was a lot of back and forth information on who the Judd Law plays in the movie. At first he speculated that he played Mar-Wale, then it was revealed that he could or could not play another character, which would be a spoiler.

The CBR recently announced it Captain MarvelThe official website confirmed that the Judd Act really was played by Mar-Well, Starforce's leader in the film, but then deleted the information from the website, so who knows. I'm not sure why they think they have to keep their identity secret if he plays Mar-Well. It does not seem like a big deal.

There must be more of his character than getting to know his eye. However, enjoy the new promotional site below!

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