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Netflix thriller bird box flutters in crap

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In Netflix's latest film "Bird Box", based on the book by Josh Malerman of 2014, mysterious beings attack humanity, make people play the deepest fears and kill them. Survivors trying to stay alive remain closed indoors with covered windows and remain bound with tied eyes when opened outside.

Sandra Bullock plays Malori, a mother who protects two children from monsters, the viewer does not refer to … ever. And that's not even the biggest problem in the story.

You do not have to see a nasty monster to make the movie terrible, but you need a credible plot. The absurd moments around make the whole movie hard to grasp.

At the beginning, Malori sees a television report featuring various countries that deal with hysteria that is rapidly spreading, making people act irrationally and hurt. While in hospital for prenatal care visit, Malori sees a woman hit her head repeatedly against a glass wall for no apparent reason – similar to events in another horror movie, The Happening.

On the way home from the hospital, Malori's sister (Sarah Paulson) "sees" the creature, then deliberately destroys the car with many pregnant Malori in her. The thing is, Malori never sees the same thing that her sister does, and manages to make it into a house with other survivors.

After that, the post-apocalyptic thriller becomes frustrating. First of all, each character feels like a stereotypical trail – a gay guy who is generous with his home, a bad boy covered with a tattooed, bitter man with a gun, a potential scientist, a former soldier, an old lady who saves the day, and so on. Do we really need lots of characters? Even they looked around in every scene as if they knew they were chargers.

With the film that moves back and forth between the past and the present, it is difficult to feel a sense of urgency when we see who will survive and who will not die before.


How did those things stay?


Then, there are incredible moments. Since when do they sell food stores – like the abandoned, the first survivor raided – sell pets? And why are birds the only creatures that warn people of monsters (or people who keep monsters to help them?) I hoped that other creatures such as horses, puppies, kittens or diva would do the trick. Unfortunately, a movie called the Ferret Box probably does not sound as unusual to watch.

While we are at it, how does electricity still work in the house years after monsters caused a large part of the population to be killed? Who exactly is still running an electrical network in the big city? And how did Malory, two children and one other survivor managed to find enough food at that time only by stealing from nearby houses?

And why citizens used massive stripes of fabric for bound links? It is easy to cool down such a fall to fall only with the pinata pinata of a child's birthday party, let alone run from an invisible monster to a forest. However, those things remained in every stormy scene as they were attached to the superglow.

This brings me to that dangerous two-day journey along the river full of dangerous rapids in an unpleasant carabiner with Malori and two young children – all with eyes bound.

Even the most experienced external man would have problems navigating the rough water into an uncomfortable boat. But the taking of two little children to ride the river, without carrying a flotation vest, or to give them a lesson in swimming? It's just look like bad parenting.

You know what else feels like bad parenting? I screamed for two children not to leave the ship or injure them. There is a protected parent, and then acts as Joan Crawford. Even with all of Malory's time to follow its simple rules, children fail to obey and take a ride twice.

While the idea of ​​the vicious force that followed a mother and her two children sounds like a fun thing to see, all those unreal moments made me pause the movie in order to try to understand it. And I could not. Not once.

Netflix says "Bird Box" has a record-breaking debut, but by the end of the film I started to blink to enjoy the story. In fact, I began to take root for the monsters. Unfortunately, Malori and her children survived and found a safe oasis that was taken care of by river rapids, which worries me that we headed for the continuation. But next time, I will have my own bird to warn me not to look.

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