Thursday , February 20 2020
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Netflix reduces the option to purchase iOS subscription applications

Netflix has decided that it will no longer allow iOS users to subscribe to the service from within the application. Clients will now have to apply and subscribe for the service from the website.

Previously, users could choose to subscribe to the service through the iOS application itself. As this was used by the Apple iTunes payment and subscription system, Apple took a 15% reduction from each transaction. Netflix will then transfer this fee to the client, which will end up paying more than the standard subscription fee.

Several months ago, Netflix stopped supporting iTunes invoicing in several markets and is now changing its worldwide change.

This only affects new subscribers. Existing subscribers may continue to use the iTunes payment system for future payments.

Netflix is ​​one of the growing number of developers who talk against high fees on application platforms. Recently, Epic Games announced that it will not release its popular Fortnite game on the Play Store on Android, instead choosing to publish it through its website. Ep is also working to open its own Android apps store and has already opened a new Windows and Mac store that allows developers to sell a game by paying less fees than Steam.

Bypassing the payment system iTunes Netflix can charge customers the standard price, as they no longer have to cut Apple. Of course, this is more inconvenient for customers who can no longer subscribe from the application.


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