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NBA – The magic made the Lakers the foul to disappear after the section

LOS ANGELES – Anyone who paid attention to LeBron James's career – whether he wanted to get closer to Donny Marshall when he was with Cleveland Cavaliers, or Udonis Haslem when he was with Miami Heath – he should not have been surprised on Sunday when, with less than 20 seconds, and Los Angeles Lakers with two, James transferred to Kentwow Caldwell-Papa for an open three-scorer in order to try to win.

"I always got a chance in the shot," says James for his positioning – two feet in color with a seemingly corner for eradicating Nikola Vucevic's form – when he decided to throw it out to Caldwell-Pope.

"It's not a matter, but it attracts so many eyes on the defense, you know, I had a good kick, but he had a great hit," said James. "And you live with the results."

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The results, of course, were missed by his less talented team mate and a loss of 108-104 for the Lakers, their second in the middle of Orlando Magic for just over a week.

This is the way James approaches the game. This should not be newsflash. For him, a player who makes a good kick (no matter how great) is not as valuable as any player (no matter what his ability is), great shot.

It did not matter that at that time, Caldell-Papa was 1-for-5, including the missed 3 from almost the same place on the ground almost a minute earlier.

On "Is it more Michael or Magic?" The debate is tired at this moment. James will do as he sees it. And so, in a similar way, those dealing with problems with James, taking potential, set off three of their own, a step back, before visiting the Keldwald Pope – wanting to put the ball on the floor against Aaron Gordon, who was surrounded by five fouls and guarded on the perimeter – there is no controller for video games that will allow fans to make James do what they want.

At the end of the game, the situations are, by their nature, consequential. It is understood that they are scrutinized and selected more than the other sequences in the game. And seeing James gave up his recent trend of struggle by throwing a free clutch when he went 2-for-2 from the line to connect them with 104-104 with 2:24 remained only served to make the Lakers score scores there, which is very disappointing. That's understandable too.

4th quarter Lakers action Evaluation LAL win prob
1:31 K. Caldwell-Papa missed 3 104-104 59%
47.6 L. James misses 3 104-104 55%
18.4 K. Caldwell-Papa missed 3 106-104, ORL 35%
8.9 K. Kuzma missed 3 108-104, ORL 9.5%
According to ESPN Win Probablity

But, as the Lakers coach, Luke Walton, fully pointed out, focusing on James and Caldwell-Pape's failures, miss the point.

"We will live with them," said Walton. "Absolutely, we will live with them." One of our best archers, LeBron is one of the best players ever to have our games. " We will take that, so we did not lose the game, because we missed them. and you can find a way to steal that game back, but it was the second and third quarters why we lost. "

Л.А. was over 67-42 in these two quarters, while the Lakers' lead with 12 points from the first quarter climbed to a hole of 16 points per minute in the third quarter. According to ESPN Stats & Information statistics, the last time the Lakers led a double-digit number after the first quarter and lost on February 11, 2014, against Jazz – a game that turned into 96-79 pause.

He felt a bit like deja vu after seeing the Orlando Lakers on November 17, when LA. led 31-25 after the first quarter, and then ended up losing 130-117. They release their guard again.

And also, it felt a bit like the bizarre 90-83 wins on Friday Utah Jazz when New York ended the season for 24 seasons. They do not protect the ball again, collecting 18 turnovers against Magic – six of them belong to James.

"We have to return to basketball valuation," said Walton. "We have to go again, the less we pass the ball, the more we turn it, which should not be the case. But we will have to continue to clean up how we move on."

That is the real consequence of the game on Sunday. Instead of learning the jazz lesson, the Lakers made the same mistakes in the loss of Magic. It happens with young teams. And, as James pointed out, these turnover occurs with Rahon Rondo, their veteran floor general, marginalized with a broken arm.

But there must be an urgent need to get to Los Angeles during this season given 11-8, they could only be 2 games back from the first in the West but they also have only 2½ games before the 13- you.

As James's 16-year career shows, the Lakers will be right to rely on his judgment in late-game situations as the season draws.

Of course, if the Lakers learn their lessons and will better manage the games of the week, those minutes of overdue play will not be a consequence, because victory will be over.

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