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Named? In some way. Meet Nadi Guo, Canada's most sought-after lawyer

Nadia Guo has never been a devotee of civility or observance of social norms. While a study of the law school a few years ago in Toronto, she explained that she wanted to be spitting in the face of the Crown prosecutors, publicly rejecting the judges of peace who "want to take possession" and once turns the mid-finger staff into the courtroom.

However, when complaints of her behavior began to accumulate with the Law Society of Ontario – threatening to hinder a legal career that barely started – Guo agreed to rein in and receive professional help to control her rapid-for-activated impulses. Satisfied by the fact that the 28-year-old passed the "good character" test, the justice tribunal of the society recently gave the go-ahead to get a law license.

That does not mean that everyone in the legal community is satisfied with the decision. Also, it does not mean that Guo, who for the first time got notorious when the media reports about her behavior drew attention to her previous work as an escort, suddenly turned into a diminished purple color. Although punished, she stays in hell, prone to being "the toughest criminal defense law that this country has ever seen."

The Justice Tribunal of the Society said it was pleased that Guo assumed responsibility for her behavior and expressed regret.

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Guo has numerous theories about what is behind her rebellious order: being raised by a mother of Chinese immigrants in the "white suburb" taught by her father – whose family was persecuted during the Chinese Cultural Revolution – to be skeptical of centralized bureaucracy "They act as if they exist for your well-being"; and hanging out with "sk8r bois", smoking weeds and listening to punk and rap in her early teenagers.

When she studied at the Law School in Ozgure Hall in Toronto, she says she most identified with Alan Young, a renowned legal dentist who often wrote the titles to support unjust convictions and to begin constitutional challenges against Canada's cannabis and prostitution laws .

"When he told me that he ran in his room on Friday night to bite and play at his Casio, then I knew that I was not completely alone," she says. (Young, who recently retired, confirmed the post that the anecdote sounded like "something they would say.")

It did not last long after Guo graduated from the Law School in Toronto in 2015 to clash with his peers in the legal community. She reviewed four complaints with the Law Society of Ontario for more than six months, while articling.

Its indiscretions involved once giving a finger to court staff after growing impatiently on how long it was to take to process its documentation, which led to her escort outside the building.

I will certainly be much smarter in the way I criticize what I think is unfair or back to the worlds in which I work and work in

On another occasion, Guo hired members of the Association of Lawyers for Criminal Lawyers in a discussion that turned into an argument for the white male privilege. Some lawyers believe that her comments are degraded and offensive, and they also claimed to have breached confidentiality when she published tweets about the discussion of the lists.

"Most of us have a certain valve that prevents us from doing things impulsively, but it does not seem to have … that mechanism," said lawyer John Hale, one of the complainants, before the law in society.

"It seems that she is a person who feels that if she wants to do something, that bloody good has the right to do it or say it. Damn consequences, it does not matter."

Another person criticized Guo's comment on the peace judges, including a claim that they were not qualified to pursue their jobs because they did not have a law degree. The same person also denounced GIF that Guo had Twitter from a lama (Guo says it's a goat) that blows a raspberry, according to which she wrote: "I want to spit into people's faces as it was socially acceptable response to the stupid such as when crowns make stupid submissions. "

Guo said she had identified with Alan Young while attending the Law School at Ozgure Hall.

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During this period, Guo also maintained a Tumblr website that kept a database of police officers, Crown prosecutors and judges who claimed to have eroded civil liberties.

This prompted an appeal from the Ontario Public Prosecutor's Office that Guo had made "personal, silly and surprising statements" about the justice system and its staff and that he publicly described the information about sensitive cases.

During multiple interviews with the law society, Guo told researchers that he regretted giving a finger to court staff, that he engaged in self-examination and that he was still "very ripened". She said she acknowledged that her approach to "naming and settling" the problems in the justice system "returned".

She also told investigators that while she was still struggling to figure out where to draw the line between courtesy and freedom of speech, she admitted that it was better to err on the side of caution.

Guo's supporters told the law of the society in writing and in interviews that they were impressed by Guo's "strong sense of her moral responsibility" and praised "a fire in her stomach" to call them injustices. With the right mentoring, "she may go out of putting up and be confrontational and aggressive in order to channel it into … better submissions," one lawyer said.

She is a lot of a fork on the road, and I hope for her that she chooses the right path

Another supporter and college student at that time told society that he expects Guo to obey the rules, "but she will not be an easy member."

"It will make life difficult for her, this is her call."

Law Society heard that in March 2016, Guo took a break from articling to work with an executive coach of her professional behavior. In 2017, she completed her work with criminal lawyer John Caldas and continues to work for him on a part-time basis. Caldas told the Tribunal The work of Guo was excellent and that she was able to overcome complex factual scenarios and produce good-looking arguments.

The tribunal also heard that Guo charged the services of a psychotherapist in early 2018, who helped to work on her "self-regulation, impulsiveness and … emotional awareness" and that she had written a letter of apology to two of the applicants.

The tribunal concluded last month that while Guo showed "an extraordinary lack of judgment, sensitivity and self-control" during her first months of articulation, she has since assumed responsibility for her behavior and expressed regret.

"She realized that loud and abrasive does not have to be equated with being an effective advocate and that limitation can often prove to be a useful tool for resolving the conflict," the tribunal's decision read.

Guo says he expects to be called to the bar in the coming months

Peter J. Thompson / National Opinion

Within a few days of the decision, Guo, in its true form, returned to Tumblr, arguing that the requests for civility could lead to a certain consent, which is contrary to the goals of attaining the various perspectives "of the legal profession so much is needed".

If law society wants to become serious about inclusion, there should be more acceptance of law candidates who "come from different backgrounds, whose ideas and way of speaking do not comply with the standards of the traditions of the elite fashion society, from the bar it seems to be pressing firmly, "she wrote.

Asked if he was asking for more problems, Guo told Mail that he was just trying to point out that the profession of the profession was very "closed" in terms of its availability to the wider public and contributed to the "readiness" for it.

In a column posted on the Huffington Post website this week, Guo condemned the "cheerful types" of the profession professor who looked at her for her past as a sex worker. "As someone who has always thought he was sexually objectified and attractive, I got excited by meetings with men who filled me sexually and paid me," she writes.

Guo, who expects to be summoned to the bar in the coming months, insisted that he learned to be "selective when and how I speak." She says she is less inclined, for example, to call every single instance of "sexism, racism, classism, etc." and focuses instead of "systemic injustices."

"I am much more aware of how sensitive people are in the legal circles compared to other social circles I have been," she said.

"I will certainly be much smarter in the way I criticize what I think is unfair or backward in relation to the worlds in which it works and work," she added.

Hale, one of the first plaintiffs, is not convinced.

"If she really came to the conclusion that her behavior a few years ago was unprofessional, harmful and reckless, and if she took steps to control some of her worst social media impulses, I think she has the potential to have a brilliant career," he said in e-mail. "She's a lot of a fork on the road, and I hope for her that she chooses the right path."

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