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Mourinho mocks the crowd when Man United defeats Juventus 2-1


TURIN, Italy – After listening to the sneers from the Juventus crowd for 90 minutes, Jose Mourinho could not help but pay them back.

Mourinho had to be removed from the pitch on Wednesday after celebrating Manchester 2's return on the Italian team in the Champions League, after putting his hand to the audience after the last whistle. This gesture provoked a small disagreement with Juventus players who eclipsed one of the most important results of the season for United, who fought in the country, but now has a great chance to advance to the knockout phase in Europe.

"I came here to do my job and I was insulted for 90 minutes," said Mourinho. "I would not do it again, but I do not think I would offend someone, and then it seemed to me that it was the right answer for those who insulted my whole family, apart from my Inter."

Mourinho is unpopular with Juventus fans after a three-year battle against the bitter rivals of Inter Milan. After losing 1-0 to Juventus at home two weeks ago, he responded to the Italian fans' race, holding three fingers towards them, meaning the triple titles – the Champions League, Serie A and the Italian Cup – won with Inter in the 2009-10 season.

This time he had another victory to celebrate, after seeing his team that fought the spectacular opening of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juan Mata won with a free kick four minutes ahead of time, and Alex Sandro scored in the last minute when United drew with the Champions League.

The defender of Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci, angrily approached Mourinho when he put his ear to Bianconeri's fans, and United's coach was led out of the court by a UEFA official and several of his staff.

It was Juventus' first defeat in every competition this season.

"When I work for a club like Manchester United, I have to forget about my past, because in these 90 minutes I represent Manchester United" – said Mourinho. "But others (Juventus fans) have not forgotten.

"And this is a great joy for me because we won against the super team, and not because they are enemies of Inter."

Juventus, who was the only team in the Champions League, still with excellent results, remained at the head of group H, but only two points ahead of United. Valencia, which previously defeated Young Boys 3-1, is two points away.

"We should not give away these free kicks, we are giving away many of them at the moment, it was the only way United scored," said Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri. "But the team did a good job, we're still at the top of the group and we have two matches that will let us finish first." The loss from United is fine, but seeing how the match goes will leave us a bit bitter. "

Allegri was asked if he would react like Mourinho.

"No, I immediately leave the pitch to avoid reaction," he said. "I'm raging rightly with my team when they go to sleep every now and then."

United played better than when both sides met in Manchester, but Juventus had many opportunities and twice hit the table before Ronaldo hit the 65th minute.

Bonucci carried the ball over the top of the defense, and Ronaldo watched her over his shoulder, in front of the net at the top right.

The Portuguese superstar immediately ran to the corner of the flag, raised her shirt, and pointed to the impressive abdominal muscles.

Ronaldo is a versatile recorder in the Champions League with 121 goals, but he was his first in the Juventus competition – although he missed one match by suspension after a red card against Valencia.

Allegri raised his eyebrows and smiled appreciatively at the goal.

Juventus seemed confident that he was heading for all three points, and United struggling for good results, but Mata made a free-throw in the upper left corner of the 86th minute and it probably inspired Jose Mourinho's side.

A few minutes later Marouane Fellaini threw himself into the free-kick, and the ball bounced back in the vicinity of the far post, then headed for Juventus defender Alex Sandro.

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