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Morning report: Dana White says Habib Nurmagomedov can not sit by the end of the year with a light title

Kabib Nurmagomedov plays a dangerous game.

Last month, the lightweight champion of the UFC issued a nine-month suspension retroactive until October for his role in launching the UFC 229 fight. His sentence also included an option to reduce the suspension in three months if he participated in an anti- harassing public service. Instead, Nurmagomedov went elsewhere, saying that he not only refused to do the PSA, he also refuses to fight again until the year-long suspension of his team-mates ended, Zubaira Tukhugov and Abubakar Nurmagomedov, November returned.

But while solidarity with teammates is commendable, it can also cost him his UFC title.

Speaking at a press conference at the UFC 234, Dana White referred to Nurmagomedov's recent statements, saying Kabib will not be allowed to sit on the side and maintain a lightweight division for a year.

"Boys can not sit and wait so long when you have the title," White said. "You can not do that. So, if that's true and he will do it, then we need to understand something else and we'll begin to see if it's Connor McGregor-Tony Ferguson or one of these other guys."

That's good news for Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poeer, the two fighters who have been waiting for months for NAC to sort things out with Habib, so they can shoot the UFC belt. But whether they will compete for the undisputed title or temporary belt is unclear and, on a typical Bella fashion, the UFC president did not want to devote anything to anything.

"When an opportunity knocks, answer the door. We'll see how this thing is playing."

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