Tuesday , August 3 2021

More accusations of couples charged in cows on the Road of the Heights River, theft of garages

Two people already charged with a series of robberies in the neighborhood of Winnipeg face multiple accusations after police found stolen items from a storage cabinet and a home in the area.

Police said the items were found in the home of Elm Street and a storage cabinet in the Takside Industrial Area after two men, 23 and 25, were arrested in December over a series of property crimes that began in August.

The men are now charged with another 10 robberies from homes and one from a business on the Empress Street, where a bicycle was stolen in July.

The list of stolen items includes three bicycles, a mail from six homes in the area, tools and a jacket staged by Oxford Street's home.

The 23-year-old was indicted for 10 counts of possession of property obtained with a crime under $ 5,000. The 25-year-old was charged with 11 counts of the same.

Const. Jay Murray announced on Friday that the house of "Ells Street" where police found stolen objects belongs to the family member of one of the defendants.

Police in a statement on Friday said it was important to report stolen property, as it helps researchers in such cases.

Police Winnipeg is seeking help to find the owner of this bike, which was uncovered during the investigation. (Submitted by the Police Service of Winnipeg)

They also seek help to find the owner of one of the bicycles returned to the investigation. Anyone who recognizes the bicycle or has information that can help is asked to call the police at 204-986-2839.

"If they want it, they will not": a resident

The men were originally arrested in December, allegedly trying to steal a parcel handed over to the home of Wilton Avenue, the police said at the time.

Florence Eastwood, who lives on Oxford Street in the area, said she was not surprised at the atrocities. She noted an increase in crime in the area in recent years.

"Bicycles are constantly stolen, although they can literally be locked in a steel strip on the wall. If they want, it will not," she said.

"Much more people are pushing into houses, and in the middle of the day, at night when people sleep."

She believes that the increase in crime is associated with the use of target in Winnipeg. When the two defendants on Friday were originally arrested in December, they were also charged with possessing meth.

"I think it's dirty than nothing," Eastwood said of the crimes in her neighborhood.

She would like to see the city and the province to solve the problem of using a target.

"I think the city and the province really need to join together," she said. "This is not a rocket science."

Federal and provincial governments, along with the city of Winnipeg, recently announced a new drug-dealing task force in the city, including the subway.

Survey of the police association

On Friday, the Vinipeg police association released a poll commissioned by Probe Research, suggesting that about half of Winnipegers feel less safe in the city today than they did a year ago.

"For several years now we have said that the lack of sufficient resources will lead to less certainty for the families of Winnipeg," police association president Moe Saburin said on Friday.

President of the Vinipeg Police Association Moe Saburin said the poll commissioned by the association shows that Vinipeggers considers crime as a priority. (Jeff Stapleton / PS)

The poll also reported that only over 60 percent of respondents said that crime should be a top priority for the city hall, to the question of whether this issue should be a top priority, a middle level priority or a lower priority.

"These data show that Vinipeg's families now feel worried and want advice to act," Saburin said.

The survey included 653 adults in Winnipeg, November 27 to December 6, 2018. A randomized copy of that size would give a margin of error of +/- 3.8 percent, 19 times more than 20. The respondents were called in and asked to fill out an online questionnaire .

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