Saturday , April 17 2021

Montreal declares a state of emergency due to floods

The city of Montreal is declared a state of emergency due to flood threats in several areas.

Mayor Valéri Plant published this statement in the worst-hit by the floods, Pierrefonds-Rockboro in the west of Montreal, on Friday afternoon.

The state of emergency gives the city the power to seize land, make evacuations compulsory, and introduce other flood protection measures.

"It's never our first choice to ask people to leave their homes," Plantte said at 3:45 pm. ET news briefing.

So far, a dozen homes in the Pierferds area have been identified as having to be evacuated immediately.

Municipal authorities said firefighters code homes with yellow or red stickers: yellow means the home is at risk, and red means mandatory evacuation.

So far, 11 out of 12 homes identified with red stickers have been evacuated.

In Laval, residents of small islands seek to leave

Canadian troops used sandbags to protect a house against the floods in Laval on Thursday. (Ryan Remyorc / Canadian Press)

The city of Laval recommends the evacuation of several areas at high risk of flooding as floods continue to rise.

The city expects rain in the forecast Friday night and Saturday, mixed with snow melting, to increase water levels beyond those achieved in 2017.

Residents living on Bigras, Paris, Vertes and Rusin are strongly encouraged to leave their homes.

The same is true for the inhabitants of the main island of Laval, Île Jésus, living in areas marked with Zone A.

The zones can be found on Laval's interactive map.

More to come.

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