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Mo Salah's strike increases Liverpool's second half to victory in Watford | Football

Liverpool did not win the spectacular form of the last season, but they gathered a valuable victory here thanks to three excellent goals. For most of the game, visitors had no spark, but they lightened the brilliant action in the 67th minute, which culminated in Mo Sal, which achieved the goal. Trent Alexander-Arnold added a second with a free kick from 25 meters ahead of Roberto Firmino to the top after finishing the counterattack.

Although these goals have resulted in a decisive appearance and have led Liverpool to better points, as far as they were in this phase of the campaign in the glorious history of the club, they worked sometimes here, a fact that Jordan Henderson emphasized, for two hesitations refers to his return from injury.

Jürgen Klop accepts that Henderson handles reservations, but said he was otherwise satisfied with his team's display of returning players from international duty. "I know you always expect perfection, but we had exactly one session to prepare for this game, because players came back on Thursday," he said, arguing that in that context "it was a real mature performance", which showed his team evolved from last term. "In similar games last year we were not so convincing, but we controlled [this match]. Controlling and staying in that regime, to be positive, it is new to us. That was exactly what it was supposed to be in our situation. "

Not exactly, in righteousness. Watford could have been fined, when the score was 0: 0, while Will Hughes dropped into the field after Andy Robertson waddled his futile leg. Although dealing was apparently mixed, it was difficult to say whether he had made contact with Hughes. Watford's players now have a clear pass right in the arms of Jon Moss. Shortly afterwards Liverpool went ahead thanks to the first peak of the high class competition.

Robertson launched it with a dash down to the left, and then feeded Roberto Firmino, who gave him a beautiful pass to Sadoi Mane. The Senegalese pulled it back to Salah, whose first shot fired at Ben Foster did not have time to adjust. The goalkeeper got a touch on him, but he could not stop him from crossing the line. Sala was celebrated with a two-way gesture that looked a lot to the one Sergio Ramos used after the achievement, but Klop was mystified with suggestions that it could be a dig of the Spaniard who caused the injury to Salah in the Champions League final last season and is now busy with controversy in Spain.

The biggest surprise for Hall's purpose was that Xherdan Shaqiri was not involved. He was an integral part of almost everything Liverpool did well to that point, especially regular with Salah.

Shakiri presented Giorginio Viannum with a clear chance of free kick in the first half, only for the Dutchman to use a 15-meter volleyball attempt. Then he created a second chance for the first half of Liverpool in order to pass the diagonal passage to Mane, who asked about the acrobatic volleyball on the run. Foster fit well. Then the double corner of Shaqiri-Salah was again in the spotlight, with the Swiss flew with a corner of his teammate in the back position. The hall was pulled from a decent down stuck of eight yards, but Foster rescued.

Watford came here from here to beat Tottenham in September, but Liverpool never seemed to be in danger of allowing their lead to slip. Instead, they continued within nine minutes thanks to the extraordinary blow of Alexander-Arnold.

The 20-year-old I turned around with a yard of 25 yards along the wall and in the corner of the network with such exaggerated accuracy that Foster did not retreat.

Despite Henderson's subsequent dismissal, Liverpool added a third, Robertson led a counterattack, before Firmino was kiming close, after Foster lifted Manne's efforts.

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