Saturday , October 23 2021

MLB Gossip: Cubs open to discuss trading options for Kris Bryant


Here is the entire latest conversation about the MLB gossip mill.

The MLB gossip mill was excited this week, trying to predict where the stars of free agents would land, such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

Harper's agent, Scott Boras, stated at the CEO's meetings this week that "Harper & # 39; s Bazaar" began. The value of the pantry is estimated at 400-500 million dollars, and it is interested in dark horse teams, such as White Sox.

With qualifying offers on the table, players have decisive decisions. Pitching dominated the current trade, and speculation continues to warm up around the position.

Here are all the latest baseball rumors:

• Cubs are open to trade, including the third star baseman Kris Bryant. Theo Epstein, head of baseball operations, said the club was not working with "untouchable". (Buster Olney, ESPN)

• Commissioner MLB, Rob Manfred, is expected to get unanimous approval when the owners vote next week or grant him an extension of the five-year contract. (Bob Nightengale, USA Today)

• The Yankees have "many suitors" for the Sonny & # 39; ego Gray pitcher. The guards are looking for the initial pitcher, and the Yankees have previously expressed interest in Jurickson Profar. Trade is possible, but the Rangers "will need more to consider the deal." (Joel Sherman, New York Post)

• Marlins catcher J.T. Agent Realmuto, Jeff Berry, predicts that next season will play a role for another team. Astros, Athletics, Angels, Braves, Mets and Citizens are just some of the teams looking for a new catcher. (Associated Press)

• Indians are open to the trade starter Corey Kluber, which for three years remains under the control of the team thanks to the yearly club options. Bands such as The Brewers, Yankees and Dodgers can benefit from winning an inexpensive star. (Buster Olney, ESPN)

• With starter Lance McCullers Jr. undergoing Tommy's John Astor's surgery, they can chase the jug of Nathan Eovaldi. (Jon Morosi,

• Oriole added MLB Vice President of Peter Lasfork's baseball operations to the list of people considered in the management position. (Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic)

• The Dodgers earlier offered to Yasiel Puig Nationals in a deal for Bryce & # 39; and Harper. (Jorge Castillo, Los Angeles Times)

• Tampa Bay exchanged Mallex Smith for seafarers for Mike & # 39; catcher Zunino as part of a five-man deal. (Seattle Mariners)

• Rockies – midfielder Matt Holliday intends to play in the 16th season in 2019. (Joel Sherman, New York Post)

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