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Missouri teenager left blind after mystery disease causes her eyes to wobble

This time last month, 15-year-old Jordi Walker was the editor and photographer of her high school newspaper, the seasonal manager of the school's baseball team, and the competing shooter. Athletic, outgoing and multilateral, the teenage girl in Missouri had everything that happened to her.

But her life changed on December 12, when she was rushed to the Kansas City Hospital for severe abdominal pain and uncontrolled bleeding.

Before the night was over, the teenager lost her vision and almost her life to a mysterious illness – the one she had previously caused to bleed from her mouth, nose and ears. Worse, the disease may appear anytime.

"All doctors say this is unprecedented – that they have never seen anything like that," said her father, Keith Walker, in tears through HuffPost. "So, the road right now is very uncertain."

After losing her vision, Jordi Walker had to relax everything that had previously leaned on her vision.

"I went all my life to see and suddenly I have to adjust very quickly to be in constant darkness," she told HuffPost. "I have to find my way [without sight] and reconstruct to work on how to eat and dress. "

Her father doubts what happened to her is somehow related to problems with the bowel and stomach that his daughter faced for most of her life. Over the years, he has seen a number of specialists, but the cause has never been established. Symptoms, he said, will most likely stop in the circle of powerful antibiotics.

The first sign that something more serious could happen to her was during the sea cruise that the family took in July 2017. During the trip, she became ill. Her teeth hurt, his stomach is sick and has bloody stools. She lost the sense of taste and smell.

When she returned to the shore, doctors conducted a number of tests and ended up treating her for sinus infection. Many medical tests were conducted in Missouri, but no answers were found. In the end, she again sees the lost senses.

Jordi Walker returned to enjoy life. Everything was fine by the first week of December.

"Her mucous glands became so inflamed that she began to bleed her eyes, ears and nose," said Keith Walker. "She was rushed into an emergency room and was at the table listening to people talking about how she blew out."

Doctors stabilized it with blood platelets, said her father. After more than a week in an intensive care unit, she was released.

Jordi Walker was again admitted to the hospital on December 12 – a date when her family will always remember her.

"Her nose ran, her teeth were hurt, her face was flushed, and my eyes began to swell," said Keith Walker. "My ex-wife prayed with nurses to treat Hordin [a steroid], but they hesitated to hear a hysterical mother and gave Jordine an epinephrine injection. "

Within two hours, the teen's face became so swollen that her eye joints were coming out of her head, forcing doctors to cut their eyelids in an attempt to relieve pressure, according to her father. She was then subjected to surgery to remove her orbital bones to allow the skull to flush and squeeze.

The photos below show Jordi Walker at various points in the progression of her illness and hospital, and they may be upset for some readers.


Jordi Walker

While the operation most likely saved her life, she failed to save her vision. When she awoke, she was in complete darkness.

"The surgeon, optometrist and pediatrician said the optic nerve was damaged beyond the ability of medical science to straighten it," said Keith Walker.

Five days before Christmas, Yordin Walker had facial reconstructive surgery to replace the orbital bones around her eyes.

Dr Travis Langner, head of the Critical Care Department at the University of Kansas Medical Center, is familiar with her case and said she seems to be suffering from some kind of autoimmune disease.

"This presentation is definitely unique," Landner said this week at KCBC-TV of Kansas City.

Keith Walker told HuffPost about how doctors explain that she has an "incredible battle" in her body.

"Usually this battle is led between good cells and bad cells, but they think that good cells fight good cells, because they can not tell the difference," he said. "They have no idea why."

The case drew attention to local media, but not totally, said her stepfather, Shannon Loersel.

"Some media are [reporting] she returned from a cruise and was strangely ill, "said Laurel for HuffPost." Prolonged testing is done, and we do not believe – neither do any of the doctors believe – the cruise had to do with the symptoms it has. "

According to Keith Walker, doctors in Kansas City recently transferred his daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It was received there on January 16 for another round invasive testing.

Despite all that goes through, Jordi Walker said he does not want pity and compassion. She said she has a strong family support system and has an open mind about the prognosis of blindness.

"Science is constantly evolving and new things are coming out," she said. "So you never know. Anyway, I will not sit around and get used to it."

The teenager, who seems to be taking everything in step, said she has some tips she wants to share with everyone who reads her story.

"Appreciate what is around you," she said. "Nobody really takes it seriously until it's gone." "Accept what you have and be grateful for it."

Family members set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of growing. They also created a Facebook page to share updates on its status.

"My daughter is a fighter," said Keith Walker. "She is the hardest human being I've ever met on this planet. There is still an order for her and she will find it."

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