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Might Playing In Montreal: "It's Hard to Win"

Montreal – Sometimes, it's a matter of mosaic pieces fit just right.

It's safe how Jordan Weal felt after arriving in Montreal in the deadline for trade.

"It was obviously a pretty crazy year. When I sold Canadiens, coming in immediately, the guys were so big a group of guys," Weal recounts who joined the third team this season after playing for Philadelphia Flyers and Arizona Coyotes before gaining from Montreal. "It only allows you to fit in right away and do your job."

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The match was so perfect that Well jumped a chance to conclude, signing a two-year, one-way contract with Canadiens by the end of 2020-21-21 on Friday.

Previous other opportunities were not acceptable to the 27-year-old, given everything he came to appreciate in a short time with the organization.

"It was all. It took the guys, the city, the fans, the whole culture. Put it all together and it's hard to beat," said Vell, who scored 10 of his 21 points this season in the Habs uniform (4G, 6A). "Especially when this team goes with a mixture of young talent and a great veteran presence in the dressing room and the ice. It's a group that can really make the next step next year and have a great season."

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Perhaps he could not handle the progress immediately after joining Canadiens, but after doing so, it was clear that it was a valuable addition to the club. Chief Trainer Claude Julien hired a veteran of four NHL seasons for 27:16 to play time in 16 games he played for Montreal, and trusted Wel in all types of situations in all three zones.

"In this team, it's not important where you play, you will play with excellent players. It's good to fit in and mix with different guys," said Vell, who won 55.1% of his drawings as Canadian and finished a career high 55.6% victory rate of the season. "There is so much talent, skill and work ethic everywhere. Our system definitely suits fast-moving guys. We have a lot of that in our team."

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Hailing from North Vancouver, BC, Vell hopes to make plans with a number of contingents of British Columbia in the Habs in the Meszone, but considering where he lives in relation to them, he is likely to work independently and will meet with guys just to catch up and have fun.

"I have my work here on the North Coast and a bit in Burnaby. But there are people in Kelowna, Gally [Brendan Gallagher] is out in Tsawwassen. It's pretty far away; it's actually an hour and a half, "Weal said, the third round of Los Angeles Kings in 70th place in 2010." I'm sure you'll see most of these guys in the summer here. If it's not training, then maybe it's just socializing and enjoying the other company. "

Weal plans to take a step back from a hockey reset and recharge. However, when he continues to work, he will not make any major changes to the off-mode regime.

"When you reach the last five years about, you know what your body needs to be ready for the season and get off to the right foot," explains Well, who has 54 points (24G, 30A) in 169 matches with Kings, Flyers, Coot and Canadiens. "The only question is to stick to what works well and add a few new things here and there, which can help to improve your strength or your speed and speed. It's just to find that balance that will put you in the best situation for you to do. "

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Now, when Well knows that he will stick to a bit, it will be time to move out of the hotel and become something more permanent. But with his new contract signed so early in the swimsuit, the center of 5 meters, 10 and 179 pounds knows that it can take away the time when he finds where he will settle in the city.

"The hotel was a great place, there were a couple of guys, so it was great to have such dear ones and hang out, but I'm sure there are many options about what you live for when the time comes," he concluded. "At least I have this summer this summer to do this and to make sure that I am in a comfortable place for myself for the coming year."

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