Wednesday , May 12 2021

Microsoft plans to bring the new Iconography style to Office in Windows 10

Microsoft yesterday announced some wonderful innovations for Office. The company announced the new iconography of the Office as part of the company's major reconstruction as a platform. Although Microsoft did not mention anything about bringing the same style of iconography to other products like Windows 10, the video for the new Office icon design was taking pictures of Windows 10 with these new logos.

The video displays applications such as Photos, Mail, Calculator, Calendar, File Explorer and Microsoft News with the new Icon Menu icon on the Start Menu, and they look really good. And that, of course, led to people speculates if Windows 10 will eventually get this new style of icons. Office video footage is probably only concepts, but now it looks like Microsoft actually wants to bring the new iconography to Windows 10.

"It's a huge venture to build a common system and design 10 icons at the same time. Now, after we've established the system, we'll start expanding the entire Microsoft," said John Friedman, Microsoft Office Office Head in response to the question Office icons. In another answer, Friedman said Office icons are just the beginning of "companies' attempts to update all icons in the same style".

And if Microsoft eventually brings the same style to other products, Windows 10 is likely to be one of the first products to get the new design. Ultimately, these new icons are inspired by the Windows 10 Fluent Design system, so it makes a lot of sense to carry the same iconography on Windows 10. But, of course, we still do not know Microsoft's plans for the new iconography here. we could see some of the actions of Windows 10 apps that get the new iconography in 2019 with Windows 10 19H1, or it may take even longer.

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