Saturday , May 8 2021

Mehidi, Shakib rose after the Vindis series

Shakib Al Hasan and Mehidi Hassan were among the players of Bangladesh who scored big after the second and final test, which their team won with the start and 184 races.

Mekhidi was a star on the show for Bangladesh, raising 7/58 and 5/59. The first initial effort was the best in the 21-year-old o-pager initiative, while the 12/117 match was his best in the game and for him.

As a result, he moved to 14 places on No. 16 in the MRC TIP rating test for MRS players for the best scores, with 696 career points.

Mahmoudullah and Shakib gained a rating of watt

Mahmoudullah and Shakib gained a rating of watt

Among the boxers, there were no other big changes in the top 10, except the Pakistani hero in Dubai, Yasir Shah, replacing the positions with the failure of Jason Holder and moving step by step to the No.

During the quilt table, and while there was no change in the top 20 at the end of the 2-0 series in the Bangladesh series, Shakib climbed to seven places on the 21st, scoring 80 in the team's only initials.

Mahmoudulla, who scored a goal for Bangladesh with 136 of the No. 7, also rose to 15 places on the 48th place, but Mominul Hake (two places to No. 26) and Mushfiqur Rahim (seven to 28th place).

Shimon Hetyer is the only Batman of Vinicius to move up

Shimon Hetyer is the only Batman of Vinicius to move up

They also move down to the many brothers from Vindiaes – Kraigg Brotherwatt (seven to 33) and Roston Chase (from ninth to n. 46), but the star that rose, Simon Hether, kept his movement up.

Hatemier, who fought low down in the middle row, struck 63 and 27 in the first test, then followed him with 39 in the first initiation and 92-ball 93 in the latter, where he smashed the six six and four when Bangladesh was closed in victory. It left him with 506 career points and 52nd place in the best career position (up to 28) of the rating.

Among the fans of Vindis, who had a rough time like Bangladesh set 508, Jomel Varikan made some gains, his 2/91 took two places at No. 69.

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