Thursday , October 21 2021

Meghan Markle: Meghan and Prince Harry "work the hardest" in their relationship Royal News


The duke and duchess of Sussex grew up with their divorced parents, which had a lasting impact on their adult lives, according to Caroline Strawson, an accredited divorced and positive psychology trainer. The children of divorced couples have already gone through the psychological effort of separation, and they want to do everything in their power to avoid putting their offspring on the same experience, Ms. Strawson explained. Speaking of Meghan and Harry, she said it was no coincidence that they were waiting for their thirty years to get married.

Mrs. Strawson said: "People who have given themselves to divorce longer decide to marry because they know the effects of a divorce and do not want it all."

This behavior can be observed not only in the relationship between Meghan and Harry & # 39; ego, but also in Meghan's first marriage with the film producer Trevor Engelson.

The talents scout from Los Angeles and the then actress Meghan started dating in 2004, but only after seven years of marriage, in 2011.

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Ms. Strawson added: "Important conversations are made before marriage, to make sure that later no serious problems arise and that they make the right decision."

While people from United families and those who have married at the age of 20 tend to divorce "as an easy option to get rid of problems," couples like Meghan and Harry saw the "trauma that it creates," she said Mrs. Strawson.

She continued: "And when they are in a marriage, especially with children, when a problem arises, they make conscious efforts, look at counseling, communicate with each other if something is wrong before the catastrophic stage.

"It's almost as if their past experiences have given them a built-in radar that helps them recognize when something is not going well – and intervene immediately."

Although it is true that divorce can psychologically hurt children, in most cases people like Meghan and Harry who have successfully survived the trauma do not focus on the negative aspect of the failed marriage of their parents, but they learn from him, the expert said.

She explained: "Instead of looking at it as a negative thing that has happened to them, they see it as an aspect of learning, it becomes what they do not do, what will happen to them."

Meghan's parents, Thomas Markle Snr and Doria Ragland, got married in 1979 and divorced in 1987, when she was only six years old.

Prince Harry was 12 when Princess Diana and Prince Charles signed the divorce papers, but they survived the stormy division and scandals about them, including the painful interview released by Princess Diiana in 1995, in which she abandoned the romance of Charles and Camilla.

Mrs. Strawson thinks that the public remark they have received from divorce from Charles and Diana gives Harry an additional reason for his constant work to make sure that his relationship with Meghan remains as strong as it is now.

She said: "You can see, especially in the case of Harry & # 39; who spoke very openly about his mental health problem, about the tension that caused the divorce analyzed by the public eye, which makes it natural for them that their marriage it is very important and they need to work on it. "

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