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Match of NHL matches for all stars 2019: Live updates and winners event event | NHL

It's a weekend of all time in San Jose, and the stars are ready to hit the ice and show why they are the best NHL has to offer.

First of all is the competition for skills on Friday, January 25, at 9 o'clock. ET. Players will participate in six categories, emphasizing the specific skills needed to play the fastest ice game. The winner of each event will earn $ 25,000.

Johnny Gadro (controlling the packs), Mark-André Flerie (save streak) and Connor McDavid (fastest slider) will seek to defend their titles in 2018.

American hockey Kendall Coyne Scofield (fastest slider) replaced Nathan McKinnon and will be the first woman to officially take part in the Skill Competition. Her teammate Brian Decker (Premier) and Renata Fast (Canada's horizontal representation) and Rebecca Johnston (Controlling Packs) will showcase their skills.

Sporting News has live updates and highlights below every event in the 2019 competitions. Here is more information on how to watch live TV or stream online.

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Here are the competitors in each event:

Fastest Slider: Kam Atkinson, Columbus blue jackets; Matthew Barzal, New York islands; Kendal Coyne-Schofield, US Women's National Team; Jack Eichel, Buffalo Sabers; Miro Haiskanen, Dallas Stars; Clayton Koehler, Arizona Koiots; Connor McDavid, Edmonton Eilers; Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks

Prime Minister: Sebastian Aho, Caroline Hurricanes; Thomas Chob, senators from Ottawa; Leon Drasait, Edmonton Eilers; Roman Yoshi, Nashville Predators; Eric Carlson, San Jose Sharks; Ryan O'Reilly, St. Louis Blues; Mico Rantanen, Colorado Avalanche; Keith Jandle, Florida Panthers

Save Streak: Devan Dubnik, Minnesota Div; Mark-André Flerie, Vegas Golden Knight; John Gibson, Anaheim Duck; Braden Holby, Washington Capitals; Jimmy Howard, Detroit Red Wings; Henrik Lundquist, New York Rangers; Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators; Andrej Vasilevski, Tampa Bay Lightning

Pack control: Johnny Gadro, Calgary Flame; Claude Giro, Philadelphia Flyers; Patrick Caine, Chicago Blackhawks; Gabriel Landescu, Colorado Avalanche; Elias Petterson, Vancouver Canucks; Mark Shifele, Winnipeg Jets; Jeff Skinner, Buffalo Sabers; John Tavares, Toronto Maple Leafs

The Hardest Shot: Brent Barnes, San Jose Sharks; John Carlson, Washington Capitals; Seth Jones, Columbus blue jackets; Stephen Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

Shooting with accuracy: Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings; Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Lightning; Chris Letang, Pittsburgh penguins; Austin Matthews, Toronto Japanese Leaf; Kyle Palmieri, New Jersey Devils; David Pasternak, Boston Bruins; Joe Pavelsky, San Jose Sharks; Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets

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NHL All-Star match live matches

Fastest slider

9:44 am – The glitter shows and informs everyone


9:39 am – Shockingly most of the Pacific Division is banned, except for, apparently, San Jose Sharks.

9:35 h – John Tavares also woke up. He was also ill during the media day.

9:33 am – Chris Letang gets a loud chorus of boos … like Sidney Crosby who is out due to illness.

9:32 am – Henrik Lundquist gets a great mood. Is it because she has the best hair?

9:31 am – Of course, we start with "Baby Shark"

9:20 am – In case you did not know, Kendal Coyn is quick.

9:17 h. – John Cooper's coolest coach or John Cooper's coolest trainer?

9:05 am – everyone is warming up, including the child Brent Barnes

8:59 am – players start to go to the ice

8:38 am – We consider the time of the game

8:33 am – Connor McDavid is a little worried about defending the fastest slider title

7:54 am – The stars came

7:19 am –Art is beautiful

6:15 p.m. – Almost time!

5:44 h – Mascoti unite

5:18 Pogh. – The challenge is accepted

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