Monday , May 17 2021

Marvel's Shang-Chi, the first Asian superhero movie

Marvel quickly follows the planned Shang-Chi a film that is scheduled for the first Asian superhero movie in the studio. The film is ready to be written by Sino-US screenwriter Dave Calahem (Wonder Woman 1984 & & Spider-Man: The spider-verse) with Marvel looking for an Asian or Asian-American director to feed him.

Reportedly, Marvel wants to match the movement around this year Black Panther and last year Miracle is a wife with a film specifically designed for the Asian and Asian-American community. Deadline writes:

In the comic, Shang-Chi is the son of a China-based globalist, who picked up and explained his offspring in his isolating Chinese compound, closed in the outside world. Son trained in martial arts and developed unmatched skills. In the end, he is introduced to the outside world to do his father's proposal, and then he has to deal with the fact that his respected father may not be humanitarian, which he claims to be and is closer to what others call him Devil's doctor. He can also be old age. Fraud makes bitter enemies.

The character, similar to Iron Fist, is the master of kung fu created sometime in the 70s. However, unlike Dani Rand, the character does not have any superpowers, there is only an incredible mastery over his fighting ability and access to the chi.

In other entertainment news, Timothy Chalemeta will play in the next film of Ves Anderson.

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