Tuesday , May 11 2021

Marriott Hotels reveals a security breach that affects 500 million guests

"Marriott Holly" has reported a major breach of security regarding the Starwood booking reservation base, which covers up to 500 million guests dating back to 2014.

Mariot says that for about 327 million of those guests, the information includes names, postal addresses, phone numbers, emails, passport numbers, and credit card information.

"For some, the information also includes payment card numbers and payment card expiration dates, but the payment card numbers are encrypted by encrypting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128). There are two components needed to decrypt the payment card numbers , and at this point, Mariot was unable to rule out the possibility that both were taken. "
Excerpt from release.

Mariotte says the only Starwood hotel in the St. John's area is Sheraton.

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Mariotte says the investigation found that there was unauthorized access to the Starwood property reservation database on or before September 10, 2018.

The company issued a message today that they received a warning September 8, 2018 that an attempt to access Starwood database backup for guests in the US was made. Mariot says he learned during the investigation that there was unauthorized access to the Starwood network from 2014. The unauthorized party copied and encrypted the information, and on November 19, Marriott was able to decrypt the information and found that it was from the Starwood database's reservation database.

Starwood includes hotels and resorts in Sheraton, hotels and resorts in the West, as well as hotels under the names of Hotels, St. Regis, Element Hotels, Hotel Alttoft, Luxury Collection, Tax Portfolio, Le Meren Hotels and Resorts, Four Points by Sheraton and Design Wanted. Starwood timer brands are also included.

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