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Made by Google 2018 Gift Guide: Best Google Phones, Speakers, Accessories and Chromebooks

With Google's products now in its third year, it's simpler than ever to get to know someone with an ecosystem where an assistant and AI are central to the experience. Our best Google Gift Guide comes in all categories – like the best phones, the best speakers, the best accessory and the best Chromebooks – and the price moves, making it particularly easy to treat this season or to treat others.


Google Home Hub

Typical Google

Google Home Hub is a typical collection of what the company wants to do with AI + Software + Hardware. Starting from the second, the Home Hub is cute in the way all the little things are cute. Wrapped in a fabric, it has a 6-inch screen that gives you a brilliant photo frame as long as you use Google Photos. With Ambient EQ, Google AI and software makes a brilliant task to replicate printed photography in any lighting.

Has a favorite speaker that is suitable for listening to assistant commands and provides more than an enjoyable experience for watching a fast video on YouTube, especially in the kitchen when cooking.

The Google Home Hub can be placed on any surface that already has a smart speaker, and the screen works well to provide useful visual feedback that quickly favors viewing rather than hearing.

Google Home Hub

Even if you're buying for an Apple user, Google has done a fantastic job of making the device more cross-platform, and Google Home has a great experience in iOS. At the front of privacy, there is no camera to calm those problems, and is suitable for setting up a night table.

Google Home Hub sells for $ 149, but the number stores this season offers for $ 99. While it's easier to get to local stores, Google Store has two additional color options (Aqua and Sand).

Where to buy a Google Home Hub:

The best helper of SMS messages

Google Home Mini

Smart first, second speaker

In another win for cute and compact, Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that you need to get. Audio-wise, it's within the Home Hub range and better reflects how the device primarily answers your questions, rather than being an integral part of your home audio system.

It gets louder for speeding, but it's likely to be connected to another Mini – thanks to syncing with sound – or Chromecast Audio. It's very affordable, and you will undoubtedly get it in less than $ 49 that normally sells for this season.

Where to buy a Google Home Mini:

Google Home Mini aqua


Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Bring your own speaker

* The best Google speaker for most people is the existing system in their home, whether it's a sound system on your TV or other speakers you have in the house. With Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, you can save money and just upgrade your existing speakers to be compatible with Google Assistant.

From Home Home or from your phone, you can send sound to the speakers you are already satisfied with and most importantly to set it up. It is a free and accessible entry into the assistant ecosystem. Google Store largely rejects Chromecast Audio at $ 15 this season.

Where to buy Google Chromecast:


Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Phone from Google

You've probably heard praise for the camera in every condition – as the name suggests – but Night Sight is a black magic. This is an AI-supported feature, which everyone can appreciate and immediately rely on. Meanwhile, on the other side of the device, the wide-angle lens with a front lens can truly replace your selfie stick.

In its third year, Google made a "Pixel" wonderful device. The rear panel with massaged linings is really pleasant for maintenance. I definitely spent time just admiring how well he felt in his hand. This is a rugged device with a brilliant screen, with last year's crap mostly forgotten.

In the meantime, this is the best solution for Android that you can get, with the help of Google Assistant and Google Lens. Google optimizes the interface for quick and easy use, especially for iOS converts. Pixel 3 starts at $ 799, while Pixel 3 XL starts at $ 899.

Where to Buy Google Pixel 3:


Google Stand for Pixels

More than wireless charging

Once you have wireless charging, connecting the wire to your phone during the day feels purely archaic. It's a simple seemingly techical, but what's very convenient and fast becomes the way you want every tech product to be charged.

Standard Pixel does all that, but there are several other features that turn it into a pseudo-Google Home Hub. When Pixel 3 is on the pixel stand, it can automatically launch a Google Photos slide show and accept your search and assistant commands. Meanwhile, the sunrise alarm adds a visual element to your morning awakening, with the screen becoming progressively brighter before turning off the alarm. It's expensive at $ 79, but it's worth it.

Where to buy Google Pixel Stand:

Google Stand for Pixels


Google Pixelbook

The most beautiful laptop you'll ever use

Chromebooks now come in all shapes and sizes. Most people who enjoy using Chrome OS devices are familiar with laptops at entry level that are not more than $ 300, but are still productive with the operating system. If you are or you know someone who wants to use Chrome OS, receiving / giving Pixelbook will exceed your experience with the Google Cloud-based operating system.

The hardware is premium and built as a reservoir. The keys are click-through balls, and pleasantly soft palms. Meanwhile, the screen is a gloriously great and great touchscreen that shines when used as a tablet. As a Chromebook, Pixelbook will last for years and years before you notice performance degradation.

That said, it's expensive and easy 3-4x on Chromebooks that most people are familiar with. At $ 999, this is not available for most people. However, at $ 250 + off, it is within the scope of reason, especially when you consider that this can be your only computer with a solid 3-4 years. It's definitely a balance that specifically protects what kind of contract you can get this season.

Where to buy Google Pixelbook:


Google Pixel Slate

Chromebook for fun

While the new product category, Chromebook tablets can be your only work machine. However, if it's your primary use for the device, you're probably better suited to getting something where the keypad is always attached, and not the extra accessory you need to pay.

What remains of the Pixel Slate is then a consumable device with a stunning 12.3-inch screen in a 7mm thin pack. This is a fantastic way to watch YouTube and movies, while browsing is wonderful and expansive.

Games and Android apps also benefit from the big screen. Again, if this is all you plan to do with Pixel Slate, the built-in Celeron variants coming from $ 599 and $ 699 should have been enough.

Where to buy Google Pixel Slate:

Google Pixel Slate


Rubber pixels on USB-C on Google Pixel


The first rule of wired headphones is that you can never have enough of them. There is always a spare pair in case it starts to tear or simply get lost. This year, Google made it a prepper mentality for the headphones feasible with the excellent USB-C ear pads of $ 30.

Identical in the look of Pixel Buds, these headphones are sprayed with plastic tops like Apple's EarPods and have great adapters to stay in your ear. However, the best part is the control pill to adjust the volume, play / pause audio, and, of course, activate the assistant. They also work great with any USB-C device, including other phones and laptops.

Where to buy Google pixel ear pads for Google Pixel

Headphones on Google

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