Monday , August 2 2021

Louis C.K. scoffs at the students from Parkland during the shooting of the comedy club N.J.

Audio appeared on Louis K.K. ridiculing student activists from Parlend, Florida, school shooting.

The recording sound was released on Sunday in a video from YouTube, which has since been removed, which is said to be from stand-up on December 16, set in comedy club Levittown, N.Y. Several media captured and released clips and transcripts from the set.

"You are not interested, because you went to a high school where the children were shot," K.K. can be heard saying to the shoot. "Why does this mean that I have to listen to you? Why is it that interests you? I was not shot, I pushed you a little fat child on the road, and now I have to listen to you?"

Fr. Gutenberg, parent of Parkland, replied to K.K. material on Twitter.

"My daughter was killed in the shooting of Parkland," said Gutenberg. "My son started off the bullets. My wife and I face a loss every day. Why do not you come to my house and try your new pathetic jokes?"

The most prominent student activists from Parkland did not offer a comment. A message asking for a comment left on the website of K.K. was not immediately returned.

C.K. recently returned to the scene after resting after admitting he was interfering with sexual abuse.

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