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Losing the flames in the educations spread with Dowling's unforgettable milestone

CALGARY – Excited by the moment, Jerry Dowling defied tears when he asked to describe his mother's pride.

Her 29-year-old son, Justin Justin Dowling, has just stabbed a 10-year-old minors adventure by scoring his first NHL goal in a dream rink.

I never mind the fact that it was a cutting-edge strike that struck the winner of the game, what was more important was that it came in front of the thirty friends and family fans who had wished for it for years.

"It was a long, difficult road for him," said Jerry, whose eyes watered as her son came out of the arena to greet his proud followers at the stands.

"It's just incredible for him. This is it – this is what we all fought for. Today we had a group of us and we put our hands together and said, "Result, Result, Result" because we knew he was going to achieve today. We visualized it in the back of the grid. And then … I missed it. "

Early in the third period, as her son retired from the ashes past the toe and stabbed the narrow-angle pic, Jerry was at a concert grab – a story that will only serve to add to the legendary family moment

"I didn't realize my mom was in beer when I scored my goal so she didn't even see it," laughed Dowling, whose decade-long minors trip includes two stops in the East Coast League and over 400 games in the US loop. .

"I can hold it over my head."

Did he ruin his book of short stories tonight, marking only the 34th NFL game for the raw?

“Nothing. That's why we have TV and lights and everything so she'll see it in the end. It's OK. I'm glad they were here, ”ex-Swift captain Current Broncos shone.

"I was born in Calgary and grew up in Cochran, 30 minutes away. I came up with a lot of flame games, a lot of Hitman games. I've been to this barn a lot. It's close to home. It's a dream though.

Dream Ferry insists she never gave up.

“Absolutely – you see your child grow and go through these things. You have to believe it, "she said. "To do that in his hometown is what we wanted for him. Now I saw him play. It was nice. "

So was the gathering afterwards, since the man of that hour shared endless hugs and shakes with loved ones who then posed for a group photo with him holding the sacred pic.

"It felt great," said Dowling, the Texas Education captain last year, who went on to win 3-1 on Wednesday night with Calgary playing alongside Jamie Ben and Tyler Seguin.

"I had very close calls with puckers sitting on the target lines hitting the posts. I think I missed my first game last year. It's been a long time, but it feels good. Lots of weight off your shoulders. Tons of relief, great time. "

Tons of memories too.

"I mean, a lot of time has passed, but it's nice to see what happened here. I think it should have been, actually. That is excellent. Last year I had to play period. I was injured I felt pretty good when I got into that game last year. Being able to come back and play again this year and get my first one here means a lot. "

On Wednesday, it looked like the beautiful story would be copyrighted by Kam Talbot's little-used backup, which surprised starters to give David Ritchie a one-week vacation.

Talbot was the only reason the Flames went down just 1-0 after two periods, driving away a barrage of 26 shots from the Red Hot Stars.

Unfortunately, despite the heroes of the popular teammate, the Flames were unable to provide any support in a game in which they were blown 3-on-1 away from tying before Dowling ended up going the other way to put the visitors 2 -0 six minutes in the third.

"I came across the blue line and realized no one would catch me," said 2-for-1 Dowling who created it.

"I tend to do that (movement) a lot in practice. I don't know if it's natural or if it's just instincts to do it soon. As soon as I got to the blue line as I liked it, "I had to try the same move" because I was successful in doing so. I had no legs. I was coming to the end of the shift. "

It marked the first time in four games at home the flames lost in regulation, with the Stars winning their eighth victory in the last 10.

The Flames felt terrible for allowing Talbot's record to fall to 1-4 despite another solid outing (29 saves) that marked only his second start in three weeks.

"Personally, it hurts me when he makes such a performance and made so many key saves and gives us a chance when we probably shouldn't have had a chance after two periods," said Matthew Takachuk, whose team made it 2-1 midway through the third. Joe Pavelski's second night, sealed it in an empty net.

"He was our best player in some of the matches they enter. On a night like this tonight, all I wanted to do was reward him. The other guys felt the same way. "

The Stars Room was filled with those who understood how precious the Dowling moment was.

"What a great experience, obviously," said Stars goalkeeper Ben Bishop, who made 24 saves.

"Your first NHL goal in your hometown, to win the game. It doesn't get much better than that. I don't think you can prepare him even better as a kid … maybe if he played for the other team, but I'm glad he's ours. We work on those 2-on-1s every day in practice and he does a great job, and he deserved it. "

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