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Lawmakers say many questions remain despite former Liberal MP Geral

OTTAWA – Many questions remain despite the fact that MP Gregal violates the silence for the debts and political future at the weekend, opposition lawmakers said Sunday on the KTV issue.

"For all the accusations that are now revolving around this MP, I think it is difficult to understand the truth of the fiction and how it happened so far, and no one seems to have known about it in the Prime Minister's Office," NDP MP Nathan Callen . "The story is not consistent from the very beginning."

In a statement and in an 11-minute video posted on Facebook late on Friday, Geral publicly spoke for the first time since his resignation statement for "personal and medical reasons" began to be resolved more than a week ago.

In a statement, Gerval said he had paid millions to gambling debts and would leave the Liberal Group, but would remain as an envoy for Brampton East, while he is seeking treatment for his dependence.

"For a period of three years, I accumulated personal debt in millions of dollars. Like many other addicts and people suffering from mental health problems, I began to lend money only from friends and families to keep gambling," said Greval .

"I want to be clear that every personal loan made for me was checked, all returned, and every loan and repayment is transparent and up to date. This has nothing to do with anything evil except to feed my addiction."

In a statement Friday night Greval said he had told the Prime Minister's Office about his financial issues and gambling problems several days before he met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Not only has there been a lot of questions about Mr. Gerald, the Prime Minister's office to deal with this in fact mistaken MPs has been causing great concern several times," Conservative MP Erin O'Toole said.

"They were never open about what's going on. My assumption is that a few months ago they knew that there was a lot of debt, that there were potential investigations, but we still have to press all the information and the story is constantly changing," said O & M. Tule.

Hard to believe PMO knew more, earlier: Fadden

Also in the period of the CTV issue, former Trudeau National Security Adviser asked how it might be possible that PMO was not previously acquainted with Grewal's problems.

"All the PMOs with which I was connected were very, very effective in the knowledge of their MPs. It's one of their jobs, so it's hard for me to believe that they will not know that this is a problem, said Richard Fadden, former Trudeau National Security Adviser, and former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Now, whether they have told the Prime Minister or not, is another issue. To say that nobody in PMO knew about this, I have a lot of difficulties to believe in that," Fadden said.

Fadden wondered whether Gael's debts could jeopardize his work as an MP and wondered how Galaal's activities were unnoticed by top liberal officials if the debtor often visited the casino in Ottawa, to the extent it was alluded to.

The Greval's home away from home was the Hilton Hotel in Gatino, staying there when he was in Ottawa for work. Often the MPs occupy long-term occupation in the areas of hotels, while in the Parliament. In the Grewal case, the hotel was "coincidentally" – as Grewal put it in his statement – related to the casino Lucky Liamy. Here Grewal says the problem with gambling escalated.

Cullen also increased the possibility of debt to Galeal, leaving him vulnerable to influence, and doubted whether part of Gerval's decision to remain as an MP was because he was given some protection as a member of parliament, including the aggravation to be suspended.

"How can he owe millions of dollars two weeks ago to friends and family and suddenly does not owe millions of dollars, a salary MP? Where did the money come?" Said Cullen.

MPs are paid an annual basic salary of 172,700 dollars.

Timeline of GMAL, PMO reports

As part of the message, Gerval said he first notified PMO of his gambling addiction on 19 November.

The issue was first publicly announced on November 22, when Brempton East deputy on Facebook announced that he would resign for his personal and medical reasons.

The same day Trudeo Twitter that he learned on November 21 that Gerval faced "serious personal challenges" and that although this could be a difficult decision, it was the right one. "I hope that he gets the support he needs," Trudo said.

PMO then issued a statement on November 23, revealing that Grewal would seek treatment for addiction to gambling, which made him "withdraw" significant personal debts. As part of this statement, the PMO said they were unaware of any police inquiry related to gambling but were aware that the RCMP had requested investigations related to the investigation by the Ethics Commissioner of the Gulf who might be in conflict of interest in inviting business associate of events during Prime Minister's visit to India. Commissioner Mario Dion has not yet issued his report or findings on this issue. Since Greval remains a lawmaker, this investigation is expected to continue.

Over the last week, through a series of news from "Globe" and "Mail" and others, more details about Gravel's gambling and personal finances surfaced.

During the opposition issues, the government claimed that "last week the member informed us that he is handling certain challenges," he said during a question on Friday, as the leader of the government, leader Bardisz Cager said.

According to the Canadian press, Trudeau said during a press conference in Buenos Aires on Saturday that when his office learned of the investigations related to the SCPP related to India, they had no knowledge of any connection to the gambling problem.

He also acknowledged that his office became aware and did not immediately inform him of Gerval's current problems. Following him with the appointed time limit of Gerval, Trudou said that he was told "within a day or so".

The defense of dealing with the government's situation, Liberal MP Marko Mendicino said that although he could not discuss why Gerval decided not to step down, when he first revealed his questions to the highest office in Ottawa, "it was pending [his resignation] it will happen inevitably. "

"Let me say that we should not shine on the fact that this is a really difficult subject. We all know someone who suffers from personal mental problems and we should hope to receive support and treatment so that it can be improved," said Mendicino.

From the caucus, another MP

In a tweet on Saturday, the main government whip, Mark Holland, said he had confirmed in writing to the House of Commons that Galeal was outside the Liberal Group. His page for Members of Parliament on the parliamentary website now reflects this, and his seat in the Chamber has been moved.

Saying he originally announced his "ill-advised" intention to resign in a "highly emotional state," Gerval decided to stay away to focus on his recovery and make a "final decision" for his political future, before continuing parliament to the end on January 2019.

He also tried to explain what he classified as "half the truth" for his work at the House Committee on Financing – who raised his eyebrows over the nature of the issues he posed to top money laundering and security officers – and the reason why he was removed in September from the High Committee, to the House Health Committee.

In the statement, Gerval does not mention any reported police investigation into his conduct, investigations that KVT News did not confirm independently.

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