Sunday , May 16 2021

Latest: China halted the work of a gene-regulated team of babies

Hong Kong – The latest claim of a Chinese scientist that made the world's first babies for genetic modifications (always local):

7:30 am

The Chinese government ordered a break from a medical team that claimed to have helped create the first babies for genetic modifications in the world.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Xu Nanping told CCTV on Thursday that his ministry strongly opposes efforts to produce twins born earlier this month. Xu called the team's activities unlawful and unacceptable and said an investigation was ordered.

Researcher He Jiankui claims to have changed the DNA of the twins to try to make them resistant to AIDS virus infection. The main scientists condemned the experiment, and universities and government groups investigated.

There is no independent confirmation of what He says. He said the second pregnancy could be ongoing.

1:30 am

A group of leading scientists have reported that it is still too early to try to make lasting DNA changes that can be inherited from future generations, according to a Chinese researcher.

Scientists gathered in Hong Kong this week for an international gene regulation conference, the ability to rewrite the code of life to try to fix or prevent disease.

Although science promises to help people who are born, scientists announced on Thursday that it is irresponsible to try eggs, spermatozoa or embryos because it is not yet known about its risks or safety.

The conference was inspired by the claims of a Chinese researcher that helped create the world's first babies who edited the genes, the double girls he said were born earlier this month.

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