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Kim Kardashian still insulting Kurti while trying to justify "The least exciting to look at" Jab

Outside the fan Kim Kardashian unpleasant comments on Kurtney was quick, after an episode of their reality show was aired where Kim called her sister "the least exciting to look."

Back in August, a brutal struggle broke out between the sisters over the family vacation holiday season "Doing with the Kardashians". Now, we see Kim's reaction she faced after the footage hit the public, like she, Kurtney and Scott Disk talk about the reaction in the review clip from the new episode of Sunday.

"Oh, my god, people go so crazy. People hate Kim from her comment on the show," Kurtney says to her ex and her sister in appearance.

"They hate me!" Kim says, laughs. "We got into a fight, I said," You are the most exciting to look at. "What I thought was that you're the most boring," Kim continued, which really does not help.

"People think it's like I said," Kill your mother, "she added.

Kourtney gets a shot from the shadow at her brother's and sister's head, however, adding that she even saw comments like: "I've been bullied by my family for years and I know it's very harmful." Kurt did not even have him when Scott tried to "justify" the comments.

"But that's your sister! You say bad things about her," he said, adding, "You call the pornographic star every time I talk to you!"

Follow the original explosion below:

When Kurti said she even caught something, as someone wrote to her: "You should thank Kim for your career," Scott agreed – joking "all the time."

"I was supposed to drink back and say if it was not for my personality and to be ridiculous, then our show would not exist," said Kurtni, receiving a great laugh from everyone.

Scott with a sarcastic real bomb: "Sure, without you, this whole thing would not exist".

"Keeping up with Kardashians" broadcast weeks after E!

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