Wednesday , May 5 2021

Kim Kardashian claims to be absolutely high for ecstasy during the first wedding, sex tape

Kim Kardashian just dumped a massive bomb for the sex tape she celebrated!

At the last retardation episode with Kardashians, the star of reality claimed to be high on ecstasy when she married for the first time and made the drug again when she made her notorious porn with Ray J.

The discovery came during an intimate conversation with Scott Diski and Kendal Jenner when they opened up to her wild past.

"I married ecstasy for the first time," 38-year-old Kardashian said he linked the knot with Damon Thomas in 2000. As readers of knew, she divorced in 2004.

"Once I was ecstasy and I got married, I did it again, I made a sexual video. How, everything will happen badly," she said about the use of hard-core illegal drugs.

After the shocking discovery, Dis, 35, made Kardashian use the drug while filming the porn movie and she adapted.

"Absolutely. Everyone knows that." How, my jaw was trembling all the time, "she said.

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