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Keys struck by a strange question at the Carstairs Co-op store

There is little mystery preparation in a small central albert community that is followed by a grocery store and causing chaos with key remote controls.

About three weeks ago, people parked in a coffee shop in Carstairs found out the hard way that something was wrong with their keys when they tried to lock or unlock their vehicles.

"We were notified about three weeks ago by a number of guests who have problems with their remote controls. It was a mystery at that moment," says Steven Kennedy, Co-op Co-op Manager.

Dejected drivers, who fought with defective remote controls, often ended up setting their own car alarms and could not turn them off.

Christina Kapeller, a co-owner of a car repair shop on the street, says drivers often come to the rescue.

"They come because their alarms are going on. They go about six to eight times the minimum. They come and say that my car will not reveal my key, so we have to come."

Kapeler says they mostly appear to be Dodge vehicles that are affected, but this is happening in other brands.

"Every vehicle that has pressure is beginning to influence, but Dodge seems to be him. All of us who had to help them so that their key stopped to sound in them was Dodge."

Over the past two weeks, she says she has helped about two dozen people with stubborn keys.

"I helped a lady who was in the 80s, and a couple in her twenties who do not know what's happening and they panic."

Shirley McRae, driving from Calgary, says she has experienced the odd question with her brand new Hyundai on Thursday morning.

"I went out and locked it, and I thought that" I was taking my iPhone better ", so I returned and I had to press the fob four times to get on that side, which is really abnormal. I do not know what happened."

Kennedy says they have been in contact with the province, but the issue is likely to be related to radio frequencies used by remote sensors to communicate with their related vehicles. However, what violates this connection remains a mystery.

"We've exhausted all the things we have in control, so now it's just waiting for the ministry to come up with the appropriate tools and technology to see if it can point that out."

Businesses nearby will pursue another plan to try to find where the signal comes from. On Thursday night, everyone will turn off their power one by one to see if any of them is guilty.

Even if they fail to learn something, Kapeler will continue to help where possible.

"I just feel bad because I was in a situation when my vehicle did not start or whatever, and people will just see you and I'll leave you there. I do not want people to be like that."

(With files from Kevin Fleming)

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