Tuesday , August 3 2021

Kevin Spacey supplies the pizza with Paparazzi who found his place to hide in Baltimore

From Aynslee Darmon.

Three hours ago

Kevin Spacey made his first half-public appearance over a year.

After last week's bizarre video in which Space has resurrected the character of the "House of Cards", Spacey slowed out of the darkness.

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While hiding in Baltimore after facing multiple accusations of sexual abuse, he went out to deliver a paparazzi pizza, who found his "bundle".

The sports training equipment and baseball cap that read "Retired since 2017," the American Beauty actor threw a medium-sized begginer into Dominos on several Daily Mail photogs.

"I know you're just doing the job," he told reporters. "Keep warm and have a happy New Year."

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Spacey will be charged with attacks and batteries.

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