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Kevin Spacey faces an indecent assault in the United States.

Kevin Spacey is accused of oppressing an 18-year-old son of a Boston television cocktail in 2016 – the first crime against the actor Oscar after his career broke up due to a series of allegations of sexual harassment a year ago.

Spacey, 59, should be tried on January 7 at the resort island of Nantucket to be indicted for indecent assault and battery, Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Cheefe said in a statement Monday. Space can get up to five years in prison if convicted.

About the criminal charge was issued by the judge for the officials at the hearing on Thursday, O & M Kieffe said.

Shortly after the charge became public, Spacey released a YouTube video titled "Allow me to be Frank" and published a link with him, breaking the public's silence for more than a year.

In a bizarre dramatic monologue brought to the voice of Frank Underwood, his face at Netflix's Home Card, who was murdered after accusations of sexual harassment began, says: "I know what you want, you want to return me."

He goes on to say, "Of course, some believed in everything and just waited with a strangled breath to listen to me to admit it, they just died to explain that everything they said was true and I got what I deserved. .. I will certainly not pay the price for what I have not done. "

It is not clear whether Spacey refers to the charge he faces.

Later adds: "You will soon know the whole truth" before the three-minute video ends with a burst of dramatic music to the musician.

Notes from 2016

A comment for the comment was left on Monday with Spiesy spokeswoman Laura Johnson.

The former news for the newspaper Heather Uruch appeared in November 2017 and said the actor stuck his pants on her 18-year-old sons and seized the genitals at the Club Car Club on Nantucket Island in July 2016.

Her son fled from the restaurant when Spacey went to use the bathroom, Uruh said at the time.

Unruh said her son did not report the attack immediately because he was embarrassed.

"The complainant showed tremendous courage in the performance," said Mitchell Garrabedian, a lawyer for Uruch's son, in a statement Monday. "Present the facts, apply the relevant law and a fair and just judgment".

Multiple accusations

Space is under investigation for a sexual assault in Los Angeles for an incident that allegedly occurred in 2016. Prosecutors refused to file charges in the 1992 indictment over the statute of limitations.

Spice also faced allegations of sexual assault, while artistic director of the old theater in London.

The two-time Oscar winner was among the earliest and biggest names captured in the #MeToo movement, caused by a sexual assault and harassment of charges against Hollywood studio boss Harvey Weinstein in October 2017.

His first prosecutor, actor Anthony Rappe, said Spacey climbed to the top of him on the bed when Rap was 14 and Spacey 26. Space said he did not remember such a meeting but apologized if the claims were true. Spicey used the statement to discover he was gay.

Other prosecutors followed Rapp's leadership.

He was always fired from Spacey House of cards, The Political Drama in which he starred for five seasons, and his performance as the oil magnate J. Paul Getty was cut out of the finished movie All the money in the world and reproducing with actor Christopher Plumer. Some other projects he was involved with were postponed.

The case against Spacey is rarely a criminal prosecution in the #MeToo era. Weinstein is awaiting trial in New York, but many other cases are too old to prosecute, and some defendants refused to co-operate with the authorities.

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