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Kevin Hague has a new Marvel job title, here's what that means

With launch of Disney's new streaming platform just around the corner, there is a bit of a structural change in the Mouse House. It signals that the studio is nothing but serious about trying to ensure platform success. After shepherding Marvel's Chinese UniverseKevin Hague now takes on even more responsibility for delivering the company's various productions.

It's like Hagee was no longer busy enough, Deadline reports that go ahead, he act as Marvel's chief creative officer and direct all Marvel films and television projects, which means that both large and small screen productions will be watched by the same person – whether they are live action, animation, streaming or network television. The move is also linked to Marvel's comic strip, which it still manages editor-in-chief HB Sebullian. The report cites recent news about Hague working on Star Wars project but there seemed to be nothing new to add here.

Other corporate powerlifters as president of Marvel Entertainment Ike Permutator and President Dan Buckley are still working for the company, but Jagi's new role reflects the importance he assumes at Marvel now that the third phase of the movie in the studio is over and done with. The "deadline" reads: "Gigi continues to report on Walt Disney Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Alan Horn and Co-President Alan Bergman," while THR adds: "It is unclear what this new structure means for Marvel's current head of television, Epheph Bread"

Trade adds: "Buckley will have a dual reporting structure going forward, and the deadline is listening. He will continue to oversee creative / editorial publishing and will now report it to Fiji. Buckley is also responsible for publishing operations, sales, creative services, games, licensing and events. There, he will report to Perlmutter. Jo Ansada is expected to remain the creative lead for Marvel Entertainment, according to Buckley. It is expected that all creative executions in the release will be reported to Buckley. "

Disney + will not only be home to many new MCU series; those stories are a big part of how the studio is trying to arouse interest in the platform. Marvel knows it can ignite so many superhero movies in one year before the audience gets burned, and Disney + gives the perfect opportunity to give people another avenue back in the world, the Avengers saved him over and over.

Disney seems convinced that the same vision that made Jeje an ideal craftsman in the MCU will continue to help make the fictional universe even more interesting in the future. Let's hope Jagi has a plan to prove this to be the case.

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