Sunday , May 16 2021

Kevin Durant gives him a Drake jersey after Raptors' loss

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It ended as a difficult day at the office on Thursday for Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors. "Data-reacted =" 16 ">
On Thursday, a heavy day in the Kevin Durant office of the Golden State Warriors ended.

Acting on Toronto Raptors without Steph Curry and Drummond Green from his side, the four-time NBA champion was forced to wear the "Golden State" sometimes. He finished with a seasonal record of 51 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, pointing out a huge three-scorer to bolster the game at 119 in the later stages of the regulation.

He did not have much left to give from an extra OT frame, and the warriors fell to Raptors 131-128.

Then, to add an insult to injury, he lost the jersey. Type of.

Instead of giving it to a loyal fan or a child in need, he gave it to Drake.

As usual, Toronto parents added a bit of extra style during the match with his presence on the field. With Raptors leading in half, Drake gave his friends from the Golden State a little difficult time.

If you give up the topic from your back, that's what it takes to turn one of the least dedicated famous sports fans on your side, it's a pretty smart move from Durant.

When you come shortly in the game, but you can draw attention from the team that won you for the first time for four years and currently holds the best record in the league, which can certainly be counted as a small win.

Despite the loss of his team to Raptors, it's nice that Drake can give Kevin Durant reason to laugh. (Photo by Von Ridley / Getty Images)

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