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Keto diet: High in fat, low carbohydrates and a way of life for some. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Heriberto Cruz is a clinical dietician in the Baptist hospital.

"When people know I'm a dietician, people often ask me about a keto diet," said Cruise.

It is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

That's how Celeste Blum ate for two and a half years.

Celeste was overweight and miserable. There was constant pain in the stomach, skin disorders and sleep problems.

"When we tried on a keto diet, or a keto way of eating, it just, all these things went," said Bloom.

Her secret keto ingredient – husband Michael Bloom. He did not hear about it, but he went on a boat.

"Let's do it. Let's go to everyone. If we want to do that, let's jump into it." said Michael.

The idea behind the keto is this – eat lean meat and vegetables … No sugar, carbohydrates like bread, pasta or rice … No fruits. Without glucose to burn, the body turns into stored fat, which eventually puts one in a state of "ketosis". Cruise says it's "starvation".

Which can lead to problems with digestive and metabolism.

"There is no long-term research on how effective the keto diet is," said Cruise.

Cruise says keto followers often confuse fat. Eating unhealthy like fried foods instead of "good fats" like avocados, nuts and lean meats.

Cruise says cutting entire food groups is risky.

"It also limits your vitamins and minerals you receive from those foods," said Cruise.

All the reasons Celeste spoke to her doctor about a meal.

"I had a full check with my doctor and everything is great," said Bloom.

Celeste lost 20 kilos and kept it. Michael lost more than fifty. She plans meals, cooks them.

"We have pizza desires in our house early and often, so this is a pizza casserole," said Blum.

Made with rice of cauliflower, cheese, peppers and spices.

Their tips for "launch keto" are slowly sugar and carbohydrates slowly. Investigate the tone, plan meals with your partner, and if you have a family celebration or even a great desire. Have and enjoy "no keto" food.

"If you want to eat baked spaghetti, you have, and then just go back," Bloom said.

Celeste has one, maybe two "cheats" a month, but they make him feel so painful that he says it's not really worth it. She runs the facebook group "Keto for Life" with hundreds of members and most often gives this advice …

"Just do not be afraid to start, just start. Just skip over there and do what you have to lose?" Sina explained.

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