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Kavi Leonard will not make a decision on Sunday: reports

Watch Kawhi Leonard will continue because the sought-after free agent appears to be failing to make any decisions about his professional future on Sunday night.

Toronto coach Nick Nurs says Leonard will meet with Raptors in the coming days.

NBA insider Chris Haynes also announced that the NBA finals of the MVP and now the double-time champion will not meet with the NBA's teams on Sunday.

The nurse did not say where the raptors would see Leonard, but said the NBA champions believed they had "really good chances" to keep it.

"I think he had a huge year," said the sister of the event at Jefferson, Iowa, near his hometown. "I think it's a great place, you can see our fans, and the property is great. Our leadership in the front office is great, its teammates. You know, everything went well for him to sign again, it would be his health. He was a guy who missed the entire season, and he had a good, healthy year and played his best basketball in the playoffs. "

While Leonard is yet to meet Raptors, the Los Angeles Times is reporting a free agent and his uncle Denise Robertson talked with former Los Angeles Lakers about basketball operations Magic Johnson on Sunday.

Johnson resigned from his position with the Lakers on April 9 and is not allowed to act as an official for the team, but the Los Angeles Times also announced that the Lakers general manager Rob Pelinck officially arrived on Saturday at the Leonard camp.

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