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Kavi Leonard scored 45 points in Raptors' victory over Jazz

It was night in San Diego in Toronto to begin in 2019 with a San Diego-based product, Kavi Leonard, setting an epic show and being born in San Diego, Norman Powell, reinforcing the Raptors bench to help the team in the first two years with a victory over 122-116 Utah Jazz.

Leonard scored 19 of his best career in the 45th in the third quarter-match against the boys, Powell threw himself into several triples and looked a great ride on his last good try after returning from injury (14 points in 22 minutes), and Pascal Sikam scored 28 goals, which allowed Raptors to beat Jay Crowder with 30 from Utah bench, Derrick Favoris for 21 years and guest Jazz for only four turnovers. "Jazz" had stylish purple shirts that turned into Stockton and Malone and, as these stars, these Utah players surprised the ball.

However, what they could not do was find a response to Leonard.

It was quite fitting that one year after the day after DeMar DeRozan scored the best success for Raptors with 52 points, the man that was later traded, Leonard, set his new career sign. Oh, yes, Raptors reunite with Derosan on Thursday in San Antonio in a game where Leonard will not be politely backward.

"He's really good. People have obviously forgotten the things he can do there (because he missed the majority of last season due to injury)," Sikam said. "It's just fun to watch."

Only perhaps if you are not trying to slow down.

"When a man (like Leonard) leaves, it's hard to stop him," said jazz star Donovan Mitchell, who was shot at 7-for-23.

Could not be recorded in the last games or call early, Raptors tried something different: Turning off his favorite three-point, Toronto tried only three out of the arc through the first 18 minutes of the game. Meanwhile, Utah had an advantage of 18-4 in a free-throw attempt and took a lead of 53-51 in the break.

Then began the second half and a completely different Toronto team emerged from the tunnel. Siacak hit the next three points after Fred VanWalt opened his own and Raptors as a whole began to parade on the free-throw line.

Leonard most of all, because he scored at least 20 points for the 14th in a row.

Only Serge Ibaka (20 vs. Lakers) scored more for Reptors in the quarter-finals this season and the team drove a wave to 95-85 fours.

Raptors coach Nick Nurs said he expects one such game to appear.

"I think I mentioned it several times at the beginning of the year that looks like moving to some spaces pretty easily and he will have some 9-for-22 (shooting lines) at the end of the night, thinking," When will you go 16 -a-22? "said the nurse.

"Because it looks like there are shots that are online and they just do not come in. A kind of waiting for one of these nights where everyone does it. He was great and he is a special, special player, as we know."

Utah struggled to the end and was actually within four points in the last minute, but after Ibaka's failure, Dani Green appeared for offensive return and Leonard's heavy blow was restored from Siamese, which led to free throws and putting the game away .

Toronto returned to the circuit ahead of two tough matches (first boosted Spurs and Derosan, then Jenny Ante Tampo and Bucks in Milwaukee), after the end of December just played over .500. Overall, the team is 28-11.

While Green said he was referring to San Antonio as "just another game," Leonard admitted "it will be fun. Everyone is expecting a game (except Green, obviously). Such things only give me a better result in the long run," said Leonard.

Dante Exum from Utah Jazz falls in two points against Norman Powell at Raptors in the first quarter in Toronto, Ont. on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. (JACK BOLLAND / TONONTO SUN)


The Raptors organization accidentally revealed at the start of New Year's Day that Kyle Laurie received "pain and anti-inflammatory injections for his back pain" Friday at the New York Special Surgery Hospital.

Lowry obviously responded well to the treatment and coach nurse continues to expect him to return to action in a not-too-distant future.

"I think so, yes," said the nurse for returning to Lowry.

"Again, now it's a little in the stage of managing the pain a little and he comes out on the field here, in a little take some shots. We'll follow him every day and see when he'll be ready to go."

Lowry misses his fourth game on Tuesday and the ninth in the last 10 games.


The nurse said the pre-game that the Toronto violation had so often been fun over the past few weeks, as Lowry and Jonas Valancunas were on the lookout.

Not only did Laurie lead the NBA in the assists, but he also decorated well inside, which, of course, is a specialty for Valaciunas. Plus, the two longest-serving raptors do something else on the table.

"They are two of our best co-workers," said the sister.

"I know it sounds stupid, Kyle as one of our best stars (because he is one of the smallest players in the field), but he is. They are also only boys with a high output, they will receive their 12 13 14 15 (points) just for every night, Kyle handles 10 assists and one night. So, we miss this. "

The Raptors also missed the lightweight buckets Valanciunas produced by pressing the offensive glass and the nurse believes that Ibaka looked less fresh without Valanciunas available to take a lot of load from him when they were ranking.

"When Serge kinda has to do it all night, it's a little harder for him," said the nurse.

Ibaka and Greg Monroe had problems with the big guys in Utah, Rudy Hobart and Favoris, at the beginning of the second day.

All Toronto can do as long as the duo does not return, albeit adapting to life without them. They have no choice.

"We come in there, we start to trample some things with these other guys, and we must find out without them. That's exactly where we are," said the sister.

Dante Exum from Utah Jazz is crossing ahead of Greg Monroe during the first quarter in Toronto, Ont. on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. (JACK BOLDAN / TORONTO SAN)


Leonard finished fourth in the NBA, scoring in December with an average of 29.1 points, lagging behind only James Harden, Paul George and Anthony Davis.

Leonard became only the third Raptor who once averaged 28 or more points per game in a month, joining Vince Carter and DeMar DeRosan. Derozan did so in January 2017, Carter on five different occasions.

Entering Tuesday, Leonard scored at least 20 points in 13 career bests. Carter scored at least 20 points in 23 rights in 2001.

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Toronto played the seventh time of the New Year. Toronto won 9th 11 against Utah in recent years running in Toronto, finished at 36-10 at home in 2018, the best mark the team has driven Toronto hit .438 in December after registering .481 and .501 marks in October and November, that is, Toronto won the previous meeting with Jazz 124-111 in November.

The best 5 things we learned from RYAN WOLSTAT

Running: Struggling to get out of the jokes for some time, Toronto tried to make a different tactic in the first half, to raise only three attempts for three points through the second quarter, and only eight (with only two goals) in the first 24 minutes. Getting inside the giant jazz is a difficult proposal, but it works for Raptors.

Norm to the north: Norman Powell looked tough after returning from his long injury and was most aggressive that we saw this year in this. Пауел подигна осум обиди за стрелање во првата половина, вклучувајќи и речиси половина од обидите за три точки.

Напред не се креваше: Со задниот дел на Фред ВанВлит и Дени Грин не снабдуваа многу на начин на навреда, тоа беше до напредокот на Торонто, имено Kawhi Leonard и Pascal Siakam, за да ги засилат и да добијат кофи. Тоа го направија.

Нема одговори: Јута се обиде да го успори Леонард во третиот, но стави една од најимпресивните настапи што ги видовме во некое време во четвртфиналето, уништувајќи ги сите и сите опозиции. Леонард отиде совршен 7-за-7.

Не втора шанса: Јута остана во игра во голема мера поради огромната предност во второто полувреме (18-2 во четвртиот квартал и 22-3 во сите). Јута, исто така, има само три промет во првите три четвртини. Џеј Кроудер се повлече за најдобра кариера со помош од 30 поени.

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