Sunday , May 16 2021

JBL loses in online speedily saying he can beat Cody Rhodes and his father

John Bradshaw Lifeless is known to put someone in his place before, but this is a very random target for his aggression.

JBL went on a little tirade online where it seemed to start talking about football and Dallas Cowboys, but he eventually found himself tweeting out: "I'm retired. But Cody Rhodes could not beat me if he bound me in a tree Nor his father could. "

There were a few tweets in a row, everyone told Cody and talked about how JBL could beat him. That kind of thing came out of the left field, and Cody, apparently, did not see it.

"I think JBL had several drinks tonight …" Cody tweeted by Matt Jackson tweeting back with a picture on a JBL page, but he was blocked from seeing it. This was a really interesting little boy from Cody and it would be great to know why this happened.

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