Sunday , May 16 2021

JBL apologized for drunken winds for the murder of Cody Rhodes

Jbl Cody Rhodes drunk tweets killing

Former WWE star JBL has released a series of tweets last night, intended for Cody Rhodes, one saying he would kill the wrestler – but Leifield now apologized, admitting he drank too much.

In case he missed … JBL also announced Twitter that Cody is a tool, not in his league, and that he could beat Rhodes every day in a match (although he is retired).

However, on Friday morning, Leftyd changed his tune. "I had a good time with Cody last night and I said I would kill Cody Rhodes, obviously it did not mean literally," he wrote on Twitter. "It was a very bad choice of words, I returned with him and his family, and I simply spoke smell in a professional sense. I apologize for this bad choice of words."

Adding, "I did not mean to disrespect Dusty. That's what happens when the selection from the victory of Cowboys, my birthday, talking smell and alcohol."

Public figures, here is the top: Do not drink and feelings. Usually it does not end well.

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