Friday , May 7 2021

James Storm talks overturned WWE, why he works for ICW

Cowboy, James Bura, recently spoke to "Mirror" before the "Fear and Revenge" event at the ICE, where he discussed the distraction of WWE and much more.

The turning WWE:

"It was basically just a family time indeed, I had some family problems that came in. Me and my wife at the time tried to have a baby and she had to take the recordings, etc. I had to be at home and only knew with the plan of the Second world war, that I will not be able to give it around.

"It was the Triple H, which basically told me to take the TNA deal, then after that, to find the best form and give it a call and make a business."

Why work with MKV:

"When I finished my first game for a company, I got behind the scenes and talked to Mark (Dallas) and he was like" you are exactly what we want here. "He told me that I was one of those imports coming here who came out and I broke my ass and that he definitely loved me back and I show the crowd every week that I'm not just coming in there to collect a salary. I'm coming there to beat people and I hope that one day I will become a champion of the MCV . "

Facing Grado in fear and subtraction XI:

The hardest part will be for me to keep the person straight for half a minute. He just does some things out of the wall that only makes people get out of character and start laughing. It will be one of those things you know, Grado is like me. He can fight with any style.

"You put it there with someone and he can basically do something, so it will be pretty cool to see and pretty hard to fight, because as I said, he can do everything he wants.

"And he can move on to a great person. Many people do not understand how much Grado actually is until you enter the ring with him. He is not a small man, so he can do many things for him, it needs a lot of ability . "

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