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James Harden is collecting rockets in the OT to beat the warriors 135-134

James Harden is collecting rockets in the OT to beat the warriors 135-134

James Harden of Houston Rockets in the quarter-finals of the NBA Basketball Tournament on Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Auckland, California (AP Photo / Ben Margot)

Stephen Curry put the wars ahead with 23.1 seconds remaining in the OT on the road to 35 points – a basket that should not have been counted because the Dewant was clear beyond the bounds when he threw the ball back.

It strengthened, however, there was another incredible, acrobatic moment that was still in it. He dropped the ball with at least four hands in the winner's face.

The current MVP finished with 44 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds, while Clint Capella scored 29 points and 21 rebounds for Houston.

Harden also hit the triples of 3:52 and 2:02 from the OT in a game with stunning displays at both ends by some of the greatest stars of the game.

Clay Thompson made a standings of 40.6 seconds left in the extra period, and then Harden tied it with 132 pairs of free throws with 33.5 seconds left.

Durant added 26 points and seven rebounds.

Harden also had a trophy on Monday (Tuesday, the time of the IHL) against Memphis with 43 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists, but was disappointed by nine turnovers, which he thought Grizzlies had too many opportunities for transition.

Including his game with 50 points, December 13 (December 14 against the Lakers), Harden scored at least 30 in 11 points.

Warrior Coach Steve Kerr a simple message of defense Harden, who went on line 27 times on Monday: "Do not breach!"

Harden shot five free throws in the first quarter on Thursday (Friday, the time of the PCH) and nine in all.

His jumper with the residual regulation of 5:37 reduced the lead of the Golden State to 112-111. He also found Rockets by knocking two triples and helping another basket in the final of 1:26 of the third, as Houston reduced his deficit to 98-92 in the last quarter.

Thompson scored 26 points and scored three consecutive arrows at the end of the first half. After struggling to find his shot from deep, Thompson is 10-for-17 triples with the last three games.

With his first three in the seven-minute mark of the opening season, Durant became the 32nd player in the history of the NBA, which reached 22,000 points.

Dropping back, when releasing the ball over Harden, Durant scored a triple with 59.2 seconds remaining in the first half.

Cold shooting of "Rockets" fell behind 70-53 at half-time. Houston was only 6-of-23 from a long-fall, 3-to-9 from Harden, while Warriors shot 62.8 percent.


Rockets: F James Ennis, who was suspicious with a tightened right leg, returned after throwing out the previous 10 games. … Eric Gordon sat on the second game with injured right knee.

Warriors: C Kevin Loney scored in double figures for the ninth time this season. … Durant is one of the six active players in the 22,000-point club, joining LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Vince Carter and Dwight Wade. … Durant has 12 direct games with 20 or more points. … Golden State dropped to 10-3 when surprising 30 or more assists.


As part of the last season at the Oracle Arena, Warriors praised the "Start TMC" era, featuring Tim Harddey, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin.

They were recognized on the big screen during the first quarter's secession, and Hardway was shown sitting on the field next to the owner of Warriors Joe Lakob.


Rockets: In Portland on Saturday (Sunday, PHL time).

Warriors: In Sacramento on Saturday (Sunday, the time of the PCH) looking for a fourth victory on the road versus kings.

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