Saturday , September 26 2020

'Jairce', Marcella Zoya pleads guilty to abuse


Prosecutors say they will seek a six-month jail sentence for a woman who threw a lawn from a lawn on a high-rise balcony in downtown Toronto after pleading guilty in front of a packed courtroom Friday.

Marcela Zoya, 19, pleaded guilty to abuse, endangering life, admitting to being the woman seen throwing her chair onto a busy highway in a video that went viral in February.

Zoya's lawyer, Greg Leslie, said the six-month sentence would be "excessive" for a woman the age of his client.

"She's a young lady who was wrong," Leslie told the court, claiming that Zoya was under peer pressure in the direction of the stuntman.

"One of the factors a judge needs to consider is the issue of rehabilitation. She is, in my opinion, a changed woman and will go much better. "

Leslie said he would seek probation, in which Zoya would be subject to probation and other conditions set by the judge.

He said he expects two more charges in the incident – misappropriation of property under $ 5,000 and joint discomfort – to be dropped.

A hearing is scheduled for January 14 on charges of felony crime.

"She's very upset now, knowing that jail is a possibility," Leslie said, adding that the criminal record may have affected Zoya's career as a model because she had to travel to the United States for work in the past.

The agreed statement of facts, presented to the court on Friday, noted that Zoya threw a chair off the 45th floor balcony, narrowly missing a busy highway.

The statement said no one was hurt, but surveillance footage from the condo building said there were several people walking around the area during the incident, including a woman with a stroller child.

The incident sparked outrage when it was released in February, which led to criticism by the city's mayor and a police request for public help in identifying the woman.

Zoya surrendered to police shortly afterwards.

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